Silicon Valley Patriot Front Unmasked: Ryan Sundberg

Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) monitors local far-right organizing with the intention of disrupting and sabotaging the activities of authoritarian and white supremacist groups/individuals. We are anti-fascists, anarchists, and anti-capitalists. 

Thomas Rousseau (left) and James Alex Fields Jr. (far right) with Vanguard America in Charlottesville, VA August 12, 2017

Patriot Front (PF) is an American fascist organization founded in 2017 by Thomas Rousseau after he took control of an earlier group, Vanguard America, and rebranded it. Rousseau’s strategy was intended to evade responsibility for involvement in the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. James Alex Fields Jr., the neo-Nazi who used his car to murder Heather Heyer and injure many more, was believed to be affiliated with Vanguard America. Photos and videos taken that day prior to the car attack place Fields marching with other members holding matching Vanguard America branded shields and wearing matching outfits. Rousseau, who would soon turn Vanguard America into PF, was just a few feet away from Fields at the rally.

Patriot Front does not shy away from identifying as fascist, though they decorate their politics with traditional American imagery and mythology in a move to appear mainstream and recruit from a wider demographic of white people on the conservative right. Leading figure in the international white supremacist movement Rob Rundo, who NoCARA first wrote about here, has since relocated to Serbia where he applauds the work of PF from abroad as a model for the rest of the movement.

Patriot Front member Grady Mayfield (left) visiting white supremacist Rob Rundo (center) in Serbia

The public activism of PF is mostly devoted to stickers, posters, and banner drops. Group founder and leader Rousseau himself has been arrested for vandalism related to this activity. The PF propaganda usually gets placed in public areas with heavy traffic. In the past PF has also chosen to place these materials near particular targets, for example around a synagogue or a leftist space. In the Bay Area, PF stickers and graffiti have popped up in San Francisco, Berkeley (at the UC and 924 Gilman), and Oakland (around Lake Merritt). Another PF tactic is the use of flash rallies in which members show up to a location in larger numbers to march together and create media content for the internet that further promotes the group. There have been a number of occasions where PF members have physically attacked anarchist and other leftist spaces. The activism of PF is designed to intimidate and terrorize communities that don’t fit into their racist utopia. The endurance of PF as an organization has distinguished it from other groups that occupy a similar space in the far-right movement. Whereas groups like Identity Evropa have dissolved, PF continues to recruit and build relationships in the larger scene.

In the interest of community self-defense we share details below on Ryan Sundberg, a software engineer and member of Patriot Front from Campbell, CA. The following information was gathered with the help of a brave anti-fascist who infiltrated PF in order to provide critical details that could lead to revealing PF members’ identities.

Ryan Richard Sundberg
Ryan Sundberg is a member of Patriot Front that currently lives in Campbell, CA in a home owned by his wife Jennifer’s parents: Frank and Margaret Dixon. Photos provided to NoCARA document Ryan Sundberg attending a hike with other PF members at White Mountain Wilderness in Inyo National Forest earlier in 2021. Sundberg traveled to this PF gathering in a truck registered to his company Arctype Corporation.

Photo from Patriot Front White Mountain Wilderness hike (Ryan Sundberg not pictured in this particular photo)

Ryan Sundberg sitting out at Patriot Front hike

Ryan Sundberg (left) sitting with other Patriot Front members

Patriot Front White Mountain Wilderness hike. Ryan Sundberg (top right) holding the blue corner of the Betsy Ross flag.

Ryan Sundberg holding Betsy Ross flag for Patriot Front group photo

Social media accounts tied to Ryan Sundberg and Arcytpe Corp. provide more context. For example, the public Twitter account for Arctype Corp. has a history of engaging with white nationalist politics on the platform. The Arctype Corp. account was used to “like” tweets published by VDARE, an alt-right website operated by Peter Brimelow that pushes racist and nationalist takes on immigration issues. Though Sundberg’s personal Twitter account is currently suspended, searches show Sundberg was using it at some point to discuss racist theories about genetics.

Photo of Ryan Sundberg from Arctype Corporation

Ryan Sundberg

In November 2021, Sundberg joined other PF members to place a banner promoting PF on a highway overpass in Stockton, CA. Promotional images shared by PF show a masked Sundberg participating in hanging up the banner. Sundberg’s face, body shape, and watch on his left wrist all match the masked PF member in the images.

Patriot Front promotional banner drop image [website redacted]

Patriot Front promotional image showing members hanging Stockton, CA banner

Ryan Sundberg in white mask hanging a Patriot Front banner in Stockton, CA

Patriot Front has proven to be a dangerously violent group committed to neo-Nazi ideals. Unmasking the group’s members and knowing where they live and work is useful with regard to self-defense and intervention in neo-Nazi organizing efforts.

Name: Ryan Richard Sundberg
Pseudonym: Paul CA (Patriot Front handle)
Born: 10/4/1989 (32 years old)
Address: 1206 McBain Ave Campbell, CA 95008 (Santa Clara County)
Vehicle: 1998 Chevy Pickup, CA license plate 8D22250
Occupation: works at Google; software engineer
Affiliations: Patriot Front member

1206 McBain Ave Campbell, CA 95008

Jennifer Sundberg (left) and Ryan Sundberg (right) facing 1206 McBain Ave

If you have any information on Ryan Sundberg, Patriot Front, or other neo-Nazis in Northern California, you can reach us at nocara @

Christopher Young: Blurring the Lines between Proud Boys, Militias, and Nazis

Joe Biden has won the 2020 US presidential election against Donald Trump. For anti-fascists, this is far from a victory. Not only do we know that the incoming Biden regime will only continue the destructive project of the United States, but during this transition period we’ve observed the movement around unsubstantiated claims of a rigged election giving space to reinvigorated white nationalist and fascist voices. In Northern California, this has manifested in weekly far-right rallies at the Capitol in Sacramento fueling an angry mob of Proud Boys and militia members sweeping the streets to attack those they identify as “enemies.”

Christopher Young at far-right rally in Sacramento November 7, 2020

Christopher Young has been front and center at many of the far-right rallies and events in Northern California since early this summer. Operating under the online pseudonym “Odin,” (his dog’s name) or “Odin Young,” he has affiliated himself with several far-right populist and supremacist groups including the California State Militia and the Central Valley Militia. Young is the Vice President of the Central Valley Proud Boys and has a Proud Boys tattoo on his right forearm. Young told J. On November 28 that he is a former Muslim and now Christian. However, several of Young’s tattoos signal a relationship to Pagan religion and culture as does the name he gave to his pet (Odin). Every single video on Young’s TikTok account is also centered around this theme. (For more details on the overlap between certain Pagan groups and fascism, see Antifa Sac’s previous work)

2014 photo of Christopher Young (t-shirt reads: Muslim and American)

Some of Christopher Young’s tattoos

Young’s social media posts divulge much of his point of view and political positions. Young is skeptically optimistic about Donald Trump. He’s shown support for the now-outgoing president over the last four years, yet he also countered that support in a November 2020 post on Telegram. In an offshoot Proud Boys discussion channel, Young speculated that Donald Trump is “a puppet for ZOG and doesn’t even know it.” The acronym ZOG stands for “Zionist Occupational Government” and is a staple in modern white supremacist discourse that dates back to the 1970s. The term refers to the anti-Semetic conspiracy theory that the United States government is actually controlled and operated exclusively in the interests of Jews. A more popular (and only slightly less anti-Semitic) version of this conspiracy is the “New World Order.” These theories allow the far-right to explain why the United States isn’t run the way they think it should be, and also validates their feelings of victimhood by providing them a scapegoat for their anger. In an October 2020 interview that Young did with podcaster Allen Hall, Young opined that from here on out he doesn’t see any way for there to be peace between liberals and conservatives.

Christopher Young  (posting as “Odin”) sarcastically asks “What’s a ZOG?” along with anti-Semitic edited Trump graphics

Christopher Young (posting as Odin) thinks Trump is a “puppet for ZOG”

Additional Telegram posts further detail Young’s views on race. In one message, Young’s anti-black racism came through when he described himself as “98% white boyyyyyyyyy” and expressed a preference for being “1% jew” over being “1% african.” Young adheres to a National Socialist-style (Nazi) understanding of the world, believing that races should be separated from each other and he believes this is the natural order of things. What Young shares in private discussions like these is much different from what he said to Allen Hall about inclusiveness and diversity in their public podcast discussion. It’s clear that Christopher Young is motivated to action by a far-right line of thinking that concludes that white men are somehow the victims of a grand conspiracy to oppress them, and furthermore that there is now or will soon be a civil war in the United States against the “ZOG”/“NWO.”

A sampling of Christopher Young’s posts as “Odin” in Proud Goys Telegram channel

A sampling of Christopher Young’s posts as “Odin” in Proud Goys Telegram channel

Christopher Young has been a presence at right wing events in the Sacramento and Central Valley area as far back as 2019, often wearing Proud Boys and pro-Trump clothing. Posting as “Odin Young” in a local Facebook group earlier this summer, Christopher Young announced that he was going to form a “Galt militia” and invited others to become members. This post was archived and shared with the Galt city council by several concerned residents. Later in August, Young participated in a “Straight Pride” rally in Modesto, CA organized by Don Grundmann. Far-right content producer Josh Fulfer attended the rally wearing a shirt that had a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse on it with the words “American Hero” underneath. Kyle Rittenhouse is the 17 year old who shot and killed two Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters in Kenosha, WI and maimed a third. Pictures of Christopher Young and Josh Fulfer together at the event show Young clearly pointing attention towards and agreeing with the message Fulfer was promoting on his shirt.

Christopher Young (left) with Josh Fulfer (right) in Modesto

Young appeared again at a far-right gathering in Atwater on September 26 that included militia groups, Proud Boys, and a wider conservative contingent that came together to show support for police in opposition to the BLM movement. Pictures from this event capture Young fraternizing with militia members, one of whom was holding a riot shield with the words “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” on it next to a Proud Boys logo. This marks multiple times Christopher Young has been comfortable supporting the teenage murderer.

Christopher Young (left) in Atwater

Christopher Young at far-right rally in Sacramento November 14, 2020

Most recently, Christopher Young has been a key figure in the weekly right wing rallies taking place in Sacramento. Activated by a completely unfounded conspiracy theory of widespread voter fraud that is supposedly responsible for Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election, the far-right has been gathering every Saturday at the Capitol building including Proud Boys, militia members, and white supremacists along with radicalized MAGA die-hards, anti-vaxxers, and Q anon followers. All of these rallies have thus far erupted in violence and far-right bullies attacking the unhoused, minors, and random pedestrians. On November 14, Young was photographed holding the same “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” riot shield seen in Atwater in September. Young has taken a lead organizer role providing coordination at these events and was even given space to speak to the crowd at the November 21 rally from the bed of his truck. After vaguely alluding to a “very serious” event coming in the future during his speech, Young declared that, “We will certainly stand tall until we have victory or paradise.” Standing with him in the back of Young’s truck was Proud Boy Jeffrey Perrine, known for shouting that “illegal immigrants should have their heads smashed into the concrete” at a far-right rally in Portland in 2018. Joining Christopher Young and Jeffrey Perrine was Alicia Peterson, a MAGA organizer who is known to have worked with the Golden State Skinheads in her activism.

Christopher Young speaks with Jeffrey Perrine (left) and Alicia Peterson (right) behind him

On November 28, Christopher Young joined the rest of the Central Valley Proud Boys on stage as they all sang a song together called “By God We’ll Have Our Home Again,” a song written by a fascist white supremacist project called Mannerbund. The song was originally featured in the handful of podcasts on the Mannerbund website, which also includes articles and imagery explicitly venerating National Socialism (Nazism). One comment from a Mannerbund participant on their website mentions that “several brothers” have connections to the fascist group Patriot Front. Following the National Socialist sing-along and an afternoon of drinking, Young and dozens of his fellow Proud Boys roamed the streets around the Capitol and Cesar Chavez Park looking for people to fight. Throughout Fresno Proud Boy Eddie Block’s livestream of the event he hastily identified random people as “antifa infiltrators” with intentions of making them targets of violence. Block’s frenzied paranoid thinking proved faulty when one of his targets turned out to be the wife of another Proud Boy. The potential for Proud Boys to indiscriminately bring harm and terror to random people shouldn’t be underestimated.
Christopher Young is an active threat. Due to his affinity for National Socialist (Nazi) ideas regarding race and culture and his affiliations with violent Proud Boys and militia members, anti-racists and anti-fascists should continue to monitor Young and his associates. There is still a lot of room for further research into the militia movement in Northern California. It should be noted that Young does indeed own firearms. 

An example of the way Christopher Young obscures his membership in the Proud Boys on Instagram. Note: “4th degree” refers to the Proud Boys who have engaged in violence with “enemies”

You can usually spot Young at an event with his hair tied back, wearing a cowboy hat and some combination of gear and clothing with Proud Boys insignia. The black truck that he drives has stickers supporting the Proud Boys and the III% militia movement on the back windows. Young alters photographs of himself and others that he posts on his personal Instagram account so that the Proud Boys logos in the photos are unrecognizable. This and Young’s use of the pseudonym “Odin” hint that he wants to limit his public association with his far-right activism. 
Legal Name: Christopher Carl Young
Pseudonym: “Odin Young”
Born: 1983 (37 years old)
Address: 36 Almo Ct Galt, CA 95632 (Sacramento County)
Vehicle: Black Ford F150, CA license plate 27101A1
Occupation: truck driver
Affiliations: Central Valley Proud Boys, Sacramento Proud Boys, California State Militia (2nd Infantry Regiment, Echo Company), Central Valley Militia, III% militia
This article was a collaboration between Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) and Antifa Sacramento. If you have any information on Proud Boys, militias, and other far-right organizing in Northern California, you can anonymously send tips to NoCARA at and to Antifa Sacramento at

North Bay Alert: Anti-Semite Activist Jon Minadeo aka “Handsome Truth” Exposed

In an April 18th, 2020 livestream, Minadeo wears a mask popular with violent white supremacist groups and tells his viewers that COVID-19 is hoax, declaring “If I choose to do anything out of line or do something troublesome I’ll put this mask on. Not for germs.”

Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) monitors local far-right activism and movements with the intention of protecting our communities and disrupting far-right organizing efforts. The following report shares details on Jon Minadeo, an anti-Semitic white supremacist based in Northern California who has genocidal fantasies, and has been working to organize other white supremacists to harass Jewish people both in the streets and on the internet. Minadeo has routinely participated in small-scale anti-Semitic activism as well as used the internet to spread white supremacist content while networking with fellow travelers. Minadeo’s efforts to establish and grow a following around the United States combined with his calls for friends and supporters to follow him in harassing Jewish people make Minadeo a threat that NoCARA believes should be taken seriously.

Jon Minadeo, a 37 year old Petaluma resident who operates the organization Goyim Defense League (GDL) under the pseudonym “The Handsome Truth,” has been engaging in anti-Semitic activities around Northern California for years. Originally attracted to conspiracy theories as a result of his relationship to his uncle, Minadeo eventually gravitated towards white supremacist conspiracies about Jews after finding Infowars and continuing to slide even further right from the thinly veiled anti-Semitism of Alex Jones to full-on explicit holocaust denial. Before finding a way to collect cash selling clothing on the GDL’s webstore, Minadeo tried his hand and failed at both being an actor and being a rapper (as “Shoobie Da Wop”). Now further along his downward spiral, Minadeo attributes his personal failures to a conspiracy of Jews who he asserts are pursuing an anti-European agenda and have complete control of the American media. 

Jon Minadeo posts a video to social media depicting him harassing people he believes to be Jewish while driving, using the German “Juden” in the video title

Minadeo’s local activities are pathetic and sad, centering predominately around flyering and driving cars decorated with provocative slogans and messages denying the Holocaust. He engages in ridiculous public stunts, such as performing anti-Semitic caricatures dressed as a rabbi, which serve to remind us all why he really never made it as an actor. Minadeo’s flyers have appeared at several locations around his local area, including San Marin High School in Novato, where they caught the attention of local police at the time.

Jon Minadeo posting up flyers that falsely blame Jews for 9/11

The internet has provided Jon Minadeo with a number of platforms to reach others and distribute propaganda, mostly in the form of tired conspiracies on ugly posters and flyers. Despite being banned from popular sites such as YouTube, Minadeo still enjoys attention and garners video views on more obscure hosts. Minadeo refers to himself online as “The Handsome Truth” and leads the group Goyim Defense League. Using a Jewish term for non-Jews and playing off of the name of the far-right Jewish Defense League, Minadeo created the GDL to attract equally anti-Semitic followers and share his incoherent ramblings. Trademarks have been filed for Handsome Truth and Goyim Defense League under Minadeo’s name, and he profits from merchandise sold under that brand. In 2018 the GDL was responsible for a “prank” in which the website Cameo was used to purchase personalized messages from celebrities which featured them reciting anti-Semitic dog whistles. His GDL website prominently features adulation of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich, assorted Nazi officers and various prominent fascists throughout history, and is littered with the same delusional obsessions with “Jewish global domination” and “Zionist occupied government” that commonly appear on white nationalist propaganda sites. Numerous times he flirts with genocidal images and quotes, eventually advocating for genocide himself.

In his “Honest Rabbi” video, Jon Minadeo shows off his shirt design featuring an anti-Semitic message that refers to calling out supposed “Jewish supremacy”

While much of his activity is carried out in relative seclusion, Minadeo has also taken advantage of the internet to connect and network with supporters who share his views. The radical and violent white supremacists that Jon Minadeo has chosen to associate with eliminate all doubt concerning his motives and ambitions. The effort he puts into his activism and the lengths to which he has gone to act in concert with others elevates Minadeo from a random bigot to a dangerous individual who is actively organizing to do harm.

May 13, 2018 video by Jon Minadeo employs anti-Semitic language and support for white nationalist senate candidate Patrick Little

In 2018 Minadeo threw his support behind Patrick Little, an avowed anti-Semite and alt-right/white nationalist politician campaigning at the time to represent California in the US Senate and to “make America free of Jews.” He lost the election but this didn’t prevent him from having an influence on his following. Shortly after Robert Bowers attacked the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA on October 27, 2018 killing 11 people and injuring 6 more, it came to light that Patrick Little was one of the last people to communicate with Bowers on the alt-right Twitter knock-off platform known as Gab. Aside from assisting Little’s political campaign, Minadeo made at least one trip from Petaluma to Albany to meet with Little and ex-Identity Evropa member “Chad Turner” (real name Lucas Huston).

Patrick Little and Jon Minadeo together in Albany, CA late 2018 looking for what they called “a pack of Jews” to harass from inside the car

Patrick Little (left) and ex-Indentity Evropa member “Chad Turner” (real name Lucas Huston)

Taking inspiration from Patrick Little, Jon Minadeo was joined by Joey Bounds of Colorado in the fall of 2019 for a “Name the Nose” tour in San Diego and Los Angeles. Minadeo followed this up with a trip to Colorado to visit Bounds and a group of white supremacists. Live streams from the trip show them writing anti-Semitic graffiti on their rental van, yelling at innocent people through a megaphone, and handing out Holocaust denial flyers in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. This shows the danger that an online group of far-right conspiracy theorists represents, as even this ostensibly small group can take their politics from the internet to the streets and be emboldened to harass and attack anyone who they decide are targets.

Goyim Defense League member Joey Bounds (left) and Jon Minadeo at a restaurant harassing a waiter (photo credit Colorado Springs Antifa)

Jon Minadeo with Joey Bounds and others in Colorado (photo credit Colorado Springs Antifa)

Jon Minadeo and two supporters attended a right wing protest in Sacramento together on May 1 against the state’s measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. This was the second in what has now become a series of right wing gatherings and protests at the capital. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Minadeo has downplayed the significance of the impact the virus has had, even referring to it as a “hoax” or “the Jew flu.” During the protest, the group recorded themselves handing out flyers containing anti-Semitic content and taunting event speakers to get them to talk about Jews. At one point, Minadeo harassed a Jewish woman who attended the event and expressed objection to his flyers. The confrontation ended with Minadeo yelling at her and calling her a “Jewish witch.” Minadeo’s videographer at multiple times told others at the protest that the Holocaust was a lie, while Minadeo himself stated “if people knew the truth about Hitler he would go down as one of the greatest men ever,” and yelled at the police protecting the capital telling them they all “work for Z.O.G.” The “Zionist Occupied Government” term has been a staple in white supremacist discourse for decades. The most alarming statement came from the team’s assesment of their action of the day, with the videographer observing that “this is the most receptive crowd I’ve ever seen in my life.” Indeed, many of those that Minadeo engaged with in the streets of Sacramento were receptive to his ideas, and some even expressed prior knowledge of and acceptance of the poison Minadeo was spreading.

Jon Minadeo driving himself and supporters to Sacramento on May 1, 2020

Jon Minadeo talking to a group of Proud Boys while passing out flyers on May 1, 2020

Jon Minadeo is a threat to Jewish people in Northern California and elsewhere. His bigoted, hateful worldview and rhetoric, his dangerous escalation in street activism and his efforts to build networks and encourage others to follow in his footsteps represent a threat that can and will become dangerous without intervention. For these reasons, the information provided here can be used as a tool for community defense and should be shared widely.

Triplex that includes Jon Minadeo’s unit (104 High St. Petaluma, CA 94952)

Jon Minadeo in open garage of his unit, 104 High St. Petaluma, CA 94952

Name: Jon Eugene Minadeo II
Born: December 15, 1982
Current address: 104 High St. Petaluma, CA 94952
Social Media:

If you have any information on Jon Minadeo, the Goyim Defense League, or other white nationalists in Northern California, you can reach us at nocara @

Thank you to Colorado Springs Antifa, who provided information used in this article.

Berkeley College Republicans Invite White Nationalist Author Ann Coulter to Cal

“They’re…always accusing us of repressing their speech. I say let’s do it. Let’s repress them. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the First Amendment.”

– University of Florida speech, October 20, 2005

On Wednesday, November 20th, the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) plan to host Ann Coulter for an event in Cal’s Wheeler Hall. Coulter’s speech, titled “Adios, America” and scheduled for 9PM, is said to be focused on US immigration policy. This upcoming event is only the latest in BCR’s streak of promoting racist and white nationalist political positions over the last few years, which has been coupled by the university’s consistent willingness to protect and facilitate large-scale white power meet-ups. Event details and information on the organizers can be found at the end of this piece.

Ann Coulter is known to mainstream audiences as an extreme and provocative conservative commentator who occasionally appears on Fox News to recite her latest racist rant. Fewer people know that Coulter is a regular writer for the white nationalist website V-DARE, which has recently been in the news after a former Breitbart writer leaked emails between herself and Stephen Miller, which showed Miller’s “affinity” toward white nationalist material. Founded by Peter Brimelow, V-DARE is a publication that pursues a white supremacist agenda with a particular focus on immigration policy and racial demographics.

Brimelow, a former writer at Forbes and the National Review, played a critical role in the growing white nationalist movement when he helped Richard Spencer launch his “Alternative Right” webzine in March 2010, mentioning in an opening announcement that “Alternative Right is currently a project of the V-DARE Foundation and donations are tax-deductible.” V-DARE is considered a pillar of the far-Right and white nationalist movement in the United States. In September 2016 Spencer organized a press conference in Washington DC joined only by Brimelow and Jared Taylor, another white supremacist publisher of American Renaissance, for what was treated as the “coming out” of the alt-right. Brimelow’s participation signaled his prominent position within the movement. Months later at the National Policy Institute (NPI) conference in DC, Brimelow was on stage along with Jared Taylor and Kevin McDonald, a white nationalist and the leading anti-Semitic author who penned, The Culture of Critique, as the event ended in Nazi salutes while Richard Spencer screamed, “Hail Trump!” Ann Coulter’s writing has been consistently published on a weekly schedule on Peter Brimelow’s V-DARE website since 2013.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Ann Coulter has also appeared at numerous white nationalist events, such as a writing workshop for a white nationalist publishing house and a V-DARE Christmas party. The SPLC wrote in 2016:

Coulter’s appearance at the VDARE event caps an 18-month period in which her flirtation with white nationalism became a full embrace. Her book Adios America contains citations from a number of extremists, including Brimelow, Robert Spencer and Fjordman, a Norwegian anti-Muslim blogger known for inspiring Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 of his countrymen who he thought were enabling Muslim immigration into his country.

Richard Spencer, Peter Brimelow, and Jared Taylor at Spencer’s 2016 alt-right press conference

Ann Coulter has been publishing her books through Regnery Publishing since the early 1990s. Regnery Publishing was founded and owned by the family of white nationalist William H. Regnery II, who started the Charles Martel Society in 2001 and the National Policy Institute (NPI) in 2005. Both organizations publish racist and anti-Semitic literature and work to advance fascist politics in the United States. Regnery “discovered” Richard Spencer and hired him to run NPI in 2011 as Spencer was also developing the Alternative Right website with Peter Brimelow and trying to establish an American version of “Identitarianism”: a modern, reworked version of fascism first formulated in Europe. While Regnery’s family sold the company in 1993, his cousin Alfred Regnery still served as president until the 2000s. Regnery Publishing continues to publish Coulter’s writing along with Alt-Lite author Michelle Malkin and books by Trump, Gorka, and Pence.

Richard Spencer (left) with William H. Regnery II (right)

Given the content of Ann Coulter’s speech and publications, it’s not surprising to find that she has a white nationalist following. In her 2009 appearance on “The Big Idea,” Coulter stated that Jews would be “perfected” upon becoming Christians. She’s admitted that a “personal fantasy” of hers is to take away the right to vote from women. Coulter has expressed a thirst for violence, including suggesting on multiple occasions that immigrants be shot and killed for trying to cross the US border, a desire that was echoed by Trump when it was revealed he called for migrants to be shot and a moat filled with “alligators and snakes” be erected.

In 2016, she told her followers on Twitter that she wanted to see more violence from Trump supporters and expressed support for a “dominionist” view of the need for human beings to “rape” the earth. Coulter has shared misinformation and targeted people of color, women, Muslims, and immigrants as the source of America’s problems.

Derik Punneo (center) at Modesto Ann Coulter event, 2017

Meanwhile on social media, Coulter has also shared content from numerous neo-Nazi and white nationalist leaders, including Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, one of the organizers of the Unite the Right demonstration in Charlottesville. In 2018, Coulter also received condemnation for referring to Jews as “Globalists.

Violent far-Right and fascist figures have been identified showing up to events featuring Ann Coulter, which brings with it a serious threat of harm to local communities. Coulter’s event in Modesto, CA in 2017 attracted neo-Nazis, most notably Derrick Punneo of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS). Punneo was identified by anti-fascists as responsible for stabbing counter-demonstrators in Sacramento when the GSS’s attempted rally was shut down by a large anti-fascist mobilization in June 2016. A sizable contingent of far-Right activists, militia members, and neo-Nazis showed up for BCR’s last sponsored Ann Coulter event in 2017, despite its widely-publicized cancellation announced beforehand. Many were returning to Berkeley just 12 days after they had come to terrorize and attack locals on April 15th, 2017. During the day on April 27th, Gavin McInnes led a rally in downtown Berkeley in support of Ann Coulter and protesting the cancellation of her event. McInnes is the founder of the Proud Boys, a violent far-Right organization. Proud Boys were joined by militia members and neo-Nazis including Nathan Damigo, the founder of white supremacist organization Identity Evropa, who recently rebranded themselves as the American Identity Movement and who frequently target college campuses. Following the rally, McInnes watched over as new recruits got initiated into his organization outside of a bar, and a number of Berkeley businesses showing support for Black Lives Matter were attacked and vandalized later that night.

Gavin McInnes standing with white nationalist Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman at Proud Boys rally in Berkeley April 27, 2017

Attack on Alchemy Collective Cafe April 27, 2017 following Proud Boys rally

The Berkeley College Republicans have themselves been openly organizing with white supremacists for years. Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) has been monitoring BCR since 2016. Since then, we’ve reported on group members’ connections to networks that include violent neo-Nazis and far-Right militia members. In the past, BCR members have written approvingly of white nationalist organizations and publicly embraced neo-Nazi leaders as well as worked for, appeared on, and live-streamed their meetings via a racist alt-right media group called The Red Elephants. Events that BCR has organized or attended in the past that appealed to racists have often also included violence. For an in-depth look at BCR’s links to white supremacists, see our article Berkeley College Republicans and the Fascist Creep at UC Berkeley.

BCR President Matt Ronnau with Nathan Damigo streaming on white supremacist media Red Ice TV while celebrating Trump’s inauguration together at UC Berkeley

BCR president Matt Ronnau with Trump operative Roger Stone, just found guilty of lying to Congress and witness tampering

The Berkeley College Republicans inviting Ann Coulter to give a speech on campus promises white supremacist attendees at the event and/or in the area. NoCARA believes it is necessary to both alert Northern California about the threat this poses and to organize against it. If you plan to protest the event, see our guide to confronting the far-Right here. Familiarize yourself with BCR members identified below and research done by NoCARA and others on the local far-Right and white supremacist individuals and formations that may show up for Ann Coulter and BCR. Currently, students on campus are calling for a protest against Coulter starting at 7 PM.

If you have any information to share on BCR, this event, or white supremacist and fascist organizing in Northern California, please get in touch at nocara @

Event information:

Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley
Wednesday November 20
Wheeler Hall, 9pm
Facebook event:


Fall 2019 Berkeley College Republicans Executive Board:

Matt Ronnau, President

Matt Ronnau

Daniel Frise, Secretary

Daniel Frise

Freya Davis, Treasurer

Freya Davis

Rudraveer Reddy, External Vice President

Rudraveer Reddy

Nik Osorio, Internal Vice President

Nik Osorio

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East Bay Identity Evropa Organizer Brodin Sutherland Exposed; Brother in Law Enforcement

Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) has been monitoring the white supremacist fraternity Identity Evropa (IE) since 2016. IE has attempted to position itself as the vanguard of the alt-right, and their creator, Nathan Damigo, took his inspiration in part from David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and an updated European fascist politics called “Identitarianism,” which they package together in a millennial hipster aesthetic. After being involved in street fights from Berkeley, CA to Charlottesville, VA in 2017, IE has gone through a number of leadership shake-ups and faces lawsuits for their participation in the Unite the Right rally that resulted in the murder of anti-fascist Heather Heyer. These difficulties ultimately influenced an attempted reboot of the group and rebranding under a different name: American Identity Movement (AmIM). It seems even the neo-Nazis of today are having an identity crisis! Despite the name change, through leaked data published by Unicorn Riot that includes private communications and information on organizational structure and processes, AmIM has been proven to be nothing but a new name and logo from the same group which iconically sceamed, “Jews will not replace us!,” tiki torches in hand.

Last month, Nolan Brewer of Eminence, Indiana was sentenced to three years in prison for committing a hate crime when he vandalized an Indiana synagogue in 2018, painting white supremacist symbols (including a swastika) on the walls of a trash enclosure. Meanwhile Brewer’s wife Kyomi, who also participated in the attack, pled guilty to arson. Brewer revealed to FBI agents that he was a member of Identity Evropa. However, the Brewers are not unique. IE has been associated with other acts of terror as well, such as group member Taylor Wilson who broke into a secure compartment of an Amtrak train to stop it and “save the train from the black people.” In 2016, IE member Gabriel Wilson threatened the president of a college in Kansas who had bi-racial children. Group founder Nathan Damgio, who did time for armed robbery after attacking a cab driver he thought was “Iraqi,” and multiple IE members have also been involved in violent brawls from Berkeley to Minneapolis during 2017.

Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement represents a white nationalist network that contains the potential for serious and lethal racist violence. For this reason, we feel it is necessary to alert Northern California to IE/AmIM members in their communities. Below we will provide research and information on Brodin Lee Sutherland, a prominent and active member of the Northern California IE/AmIM branch.

Brodin Sutherland at UC Berkeley Identity Evropa rally May 2016

Brodin Sutherland first came to the attention of anti-fascists when he appeared with Nathan Damigo at UC Berkeley in May 2016. We wrote about Nathan Damigo, the Northern California-based founder and first leader of Identity Evropa, back in December 2016. Richard Spencer, the fascist who coined the term “alt-right,” was additionally heavily involved with IE during the group’s early period. Spencer not only announced the event on his Twitter account, but he also accompanied Damigo for the coming out rally of his new white power organization. Later that year, Damigo got permission to lead a rally by himself, an anti-immigrant IE gathering in San Francisco at Pier 14. Sutherland made an appearance at this rally as well, wearing the same distinct hat.

Brodin Sutherland at Identity Evropa Pier 14 rally October 17, 2016

Nathan Damigo and Brodin Sutherland at UC Davis Milo Yiannopolous event

The longer Brodin Sutherland was a member of Identity Evropa, the more active and involved he appeared to become. As the rate of alt-right “free speech” rallies increased throughout 2017, Sutherland attended events across the country, following very closely behind then-IE leader Nathan Damigo. In early 2017, Damigo and Sutherland were joined by a few other local fascists outside of the Milo Yiannopolous event at UC Davis. The event was ultimately shut down by anti-fascists, while Damigo and Martin Shkreli got a tampon and dog feces thrown at their faces, respectively. Sutherland attended the March 4th alt-right rally in Berkeley, which saw some of the first larger scale street fights between anti-fascists and the right wing big tent coalition that was just beginning to gain steam. The alt-right played a prominent part in this growing coalition. Sutherland is seen in several pictures and videos from the March 4 event sticking closely to Kyle Chapman, who would soon become the burnt-out meme “Based Stickman.”

Brodin Sutherland at alt-right rally in Berkeley March 4, 2017

Brodin Sutherland marching with Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman at Berkeley alt-right rally March 4, 2017

By April 2017 violence was expected at these events, and Identity Evropa was arriving prepared for this outcome. On April 15, 2017 Brodin Sutherland was at another alt-right gathering in Berkeley, this time with Nathan Damigo and other IE members as well as several members of the white nationalist fight group Rise Above Movement (RAM), then called DIY Division. Again, Sutherland is seen in media from the event closely following Damigo, and the two of them appear in photos with RAM taken both during and after the event. IE and RAM stood out as some of the most violent participants. Damigo was captured on video sucker-punching an anti-fascist demonstrator, and members of RAM were leading aggressive attacks throughout the day, including RAM leader Robert Rundo who was arrested for assaulting a Berkeley police officer. Sutherland positioned himself in the thick of the rally, which was marked by mass fights rolling through the streets of downtown Berkeley. Also in April 2017, Sutherland was one of a small group of IE members that held a flash rally in New York similar to the San Francisco rally in late 2016.

Brodin Sutherland (center, red shirt and jeans) assisting the neo-Nazi members of Rise Above Movement as they attack protesters in Berkeley, CA April 15, 2017

Brodin Sutherland’s arm can be seen coming from the left (red shirt, rolled sleeve), assisting Nathan Damigo and the Rise Above Movement attack counter protesters in Berkeley, CA April 15, 2017

From left to right: Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, RAM member Robert Rundo, Nathan Damigo, and Brodin Sutherland April 15, 2017

On August 12, 2017 Brodin Sutherland attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA with Identity Evropa and hundreds of other racists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis. While the police created conditions that stopped the alt-right’s rally from actually happening, violence erupted in the streets and eventually resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer by white power terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. Sutherland was also present at the August 11th torch rally the night before on the University of Virginia campus, where white nationalist marchers chanted “Jews will not replace us!”

Brodin Sutherland and other alt-right activists pushing back against the police in Charlottesville August 12, 2017

Brodin Sutherland with Identity Evropa founder and then-president Nathan Damigo in Charlottesville, VA August 12, 2017

Despite the post-UtR fallout after August 12, the Bay Area saw one last large far-right rally that brought together a coalition of right wingers, from mainstream conservatives to authoritarians and fascists, in San Francisco. Brodin Sutherland attended the rally, organized to “honor” Kate Steinle (against the wishes of her family) and amplify anti-immigrant sentiments on December 16, 2017. Sutherland arrived with a crew of Identity Evropa members that spent a considerable amount of time at the event with Patrick Little, a Hitler fanboy and candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018 based in Albany, CA. The rally was organized by Lindsay Grathwohl, a far-right organizer who we previously exposed as having connections to the Golden State Skinheads gang.

Brodin Sutherland’s activity is not just limited to public rallies and street fights. In addition Sutherland is responsible for more low-key actions and behind the scenes organizing. Photos place Sutherland at Identity Evropa’s 2018 conference in Kentucky. Moreover, Unicorn Riot’s database of leaked IE communications reveal Sutherland’s participation in banner drops, placing IE flyers and stickers in public (including UC Berkeley), and private IE gatherings.

Identity Evropa’s 2018 conference photo with Brodin Sutherland standing all the way to the right

Brodin Sutherland is not just associated with Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement. Aside from connections to figures such as Patrick Little and Rise Above Movement outlined above, Sutherland has also revealed affinity with Asatru Folk Assembly. Asatru is a white nationalist distortion of pagan religion that accepts only white people exclusively. The Asatru network has also been associated with terroristic violence such as the Christchurch mosque shootings. The SF Bay View originally reported in 2017 that Sutherland donated $500 to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke’s 2016 U.S. Senate campaign. He also gave money to Donald Trump’s campaign for President.

Brodin Sutherland tweets about Asatru

There have been several social media accounts connected to Brodin Sutherland, especially on Twitter. His accounts tend to get suspended quite quickly because of the hateful content on them. The handle “unclebro1488” was one of the accounts that belonged to Sutherland. The numbers 14 and 88 are commonly used among neo-Nazis as a shorthand to signify their political affiliation. The combination 1488 refers to the “14 words,” a white supremacist slogan coined by a member of the white supremacist terrorist group from the 1980s, ‘The Order,’ and pays lip service to the non-existent threat of “white genocide,” and “88” meaning “Heil Hitler” (H being the eighth letter of the alphabet). The outward “1488” affiliation is significant also in that Identity Evropa and its members have consistently denied any association to neo-Nazis, but it doesn’t take much digging to find the truth.

Brodin Sutherland tweeting Holocaust denial on Donald Trump’s account.

Brodin Sutherland’s father Leland “Lee” works for Contra Costa County Sanitary District as a Mechanical Supervisor. Lee Sutherland donated $127 to Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in 2016. Brodin has owned multiple businesses with his brother Talon including Fire House Hauling and A Greener World Hauling. Talon James Sutherland has worked as a firefighter and as a police officer with Oakland PD before moving to the Rio Vista PD in 2015. On social media, Brodin has claimed to be a veteran, though further research is needed there. Campaign contribution files say he worked as a solar installer at the time.

6604 Las Animas, Martinez, CA 94553

Name: Brodin Lee Sutherland
Born: February 26, 1991 (Contra Costa County)
Current address: 6604 Las Animas, Martinez, CA 94553
Vehicles: Dark Chevrolet truck, CA license plate 5M58545 with “America First, Patrick Little” sticker on bumper
Light Chevrolet truck, CA license plate 5W46880 with “America First, Patrick Little” sticker on bumper

Social Media
Discord archive:
Twitter archive:

Chevrolet truck CA license plate 5W46880 with Patrick Little bumper sticker

Chevrolet truck CA license plate 5M58545 with Patrick Little bumper sticker

If you have any information on Brodin Sutherland, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, or other white nationalists in Northern California, you can reach us at nocara @

White Nationalist at CSU Stanislaus In Student Government Plans to Run for Another Position to “Strip Funding” for “Diversity Events”

In March of 2019, the independent and non-profit news organization Unicorn Riot released the latest set of chat logs from a variety of white nationalist, Alt-Right, and neo-Nazi groups – many of which organized the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

One of those groups was Identity Evropa, now rebranded as the “American Identity Movement.” Discord is an online platform used primarily by video gamer players because it allows them to talk with each other while playing video games. In recent years however, it has become a favorite platform for the Alt-Right, and was used heavily to organize the Unite the Right rally that led to the death of Heather Heyer on August 12th, 2017.

One of the central organizers of the Unite the Right rally, was none other than CSU Stanislaus student, Nathan Damigo, who is now implicated in a lawsuit stemming from the racist event. Richard Spencer, one of the most notorious white nationalists in the US who was supposed to speak at the demonstration, said of Damigo: “I’d love to take credit for it [Unite the Right], but it was more Nathan.”

But by the time that Unite the Right took place, Damigo was already well known on the Turlock campus, as he had made headlines for leading Identity Evropa, putting up flyers and posters around campus, and also attacking a young woman in Berkeley at a demonstration on April 15th, 2017. In response, CSU Stanislaus students organized a series of protests, demonstrations, and disruptions of school events to push for Damigo to be removed. The response, or lack thereof, from the CSU administration was deafening, and the campus refused to expel Damigo, much less admit that there was active Alt-Right organizing happening on campus.

After Unite the Right, Damigo wrote in the Discord chats that Alt-Right, neo-Nazi, and white nationalist student organizers should follow his example and not be afraid. – it’s not like the school administration would come after them. He wrote: 

“I still haven’t been kicked out…,” says Nathan Damigo of CSU Stanislaus.

After Unite the Right and continued pressure from students, Damigo took a series of online classes and quietly graduated. However, he wouldn’t be the last student at CSU Stanislaus to become part of Identity Evropa.

Christopher Thompson

On January 13th, Christopher Thompson, posting as “Chris N,” announced himself to the Identity Evropa server. He wrote of himself that he was 18, a good student, an orchestral violinist, that he even went to Harvard for a summer semester when he was 16, and now – was majoring in finance. (Photos of Christopher’s Harvard ID were later posted by @BerkeleyAntifa on Twitter.) He complained about the students around him, how non-white CSU Stanislaus was, and that his father made too much money for him to apply for assistance. Thompson said he was “red-pilled,” (brought into the Alt-Right), like many other young men, through watching YouTube videos by white nationalists like Jared Taylor and others.

Thompson also said that while at CSU Stanislaus he was keeping his head down, especially since the campus was already known to be associated with IE activity after Damigo’s tenure. But Thompson went on to state that he was in fact already a member of the student government and was planning to run in the April elections. Thompson stated his goal would be to “cut funding” to “diversity and multiculturalism” events. By this he means; anything not having to do with the “white race.”

He wrote:

Christopher Thompson, Student Leadership Council

Christopher Thompson, on right.

To find Christopher Thompson from “Chris N,” antifascist researchers first looked at Chris’ first clue he left us: that he was in student government. Being that there are few men that were on both the elected student government and the appointed Student Government Leadership Council (SGLC), we had a good idea that “Chris N” was the “pretty recognizable” redhead that looked 18.

After verifying and checking with students on campus, we soon learned that “Chris N” was in fact, Christopher Thompson on the SGLC, which is described as a “10-week introduction and leadership development program…[to] get hands on experience working with ASI Student Government.”

Photos and Christopher Thompson’s name also came up in articles from the Stockton Record, detailing how Chris had participated in various activities through the Venture Academy school in Stockton, California.

Thompson bottom, second from left.Thompson on left.

Thompson also posted a screen shot of an event at CSU Stanislaus, complaining about it.

Antifascists then cross checked Thompson’s classes that he complained about within the Identity Evropa discord chat logs and compared it to the current course book on the CSU Stanislaus website, easily finding it was indeed a match with an Environmental Law class.

After corroboration from sources on the campus who also IDed Thompson going into the same class, we were certain that Thompson was in fact “Chris N” from the Identity Evropa logs. However, there was more evidence: the fact that Thompson was running for office.

In the Discord logs, Thompson stated twice his intention to run for office and then use his position to defund and strip away money for groups made up of students of color. We were able to verify with students and staff on campus that Thompson was indeed running for the office of director of the college of business. On April 15th, The Signal, the CSU Stanislaus student newspaper, ran an article on the candidates, listing “Christopher Thompson” as one. The question now is: how will students respond?

CSU Signal article that mentions Thompson running for office.

Why Is Stan State Silent?

Directly after the Unicorn Riot Discord logs went online, the SGLC page on the Stan State website went down, showing a 404 – Page Not Found error message, while another page was soon linked. But while other student government pages featured bios and photos of student leaders, the SGLC, the student group that Christopher is a part of, simply featured a photo.

As news of the Discord leaks grew and newspapers and press outlets around the country began to report on Identity Evropa organizers infiltrating everything from police agencies, the military, to political parties, CSU Stanislaus stayed quite and refused to put out a statement, even alerting students of Christopher’s intentions to “defund” their campus organizations if elected.

This lack of transparency and accountability has been the MO of the campus administration since Identity Evropa/AmIM first began putting up Alt-Right flyers and stickers there in 2016. First the campus denied that Damigo was putting up materials. Then, as a deflection, they stated that he was “being investigated,” when in reality, this was in reference to the events in Berkeley on April 15th being looked at by police, who of course did nothing. When students rallied and demanded Damigo be expelled, the campus refused to acknowledge that he was even putting up stickers and posters, while the entire campus knew otherwise. Some teachers even invited Damigo, who became a white nationalist after reading David Duke’s autobiography in prison when doing time for carrying out a hate crime against a cab driver, into their classrooms to debate.

In 2019, another member of Identity Evropa and a non-student was even stopped while putting up stickers and posters in broad day light, and the campus refused to release his name to the public.

Despite a constant stream of declarations about “diversity” and being an inclusive campus, the administrators of CSU Stanislaus have done nothing to alert a student body made up largely of students of color, about an organized racist threat that is using CSU Stanislaus as a place to organize out of and in fact, who’s members have even been put into position of power.

If students sit by and do nothing, they may even help elect one.

Golden State Skinheads Stabbing Perpetrator and Connections to Nor-Cal MAGA Activists Exposed

It’s been almost two and a half years since the Nazi rally by the Golden State Skinheads under the banner of the Traditionalist Worker Party on June 26th, 2016 at the Sacramento state capital was defeated by anti-racists and anti-fascists. Despite the Nazis receiving full support and police protection from the State, anti-fascists successfully prevented the rally from taking place through a large mobilization that took over the capital grounds. This victory however came at a heavy price as GSS members attacked and seriously injured the crowd with knives, shields, and other weapons during clashes with a relatively smaller number of anti-fascists that had run up to confront them. While the fighting lasted only a short time, GSS Nazis managed to stab 6 anti-fascists, and had their retreat protected by the police as they ran away holding the bloody knives used in the potentially lethal attacks in their hands. The retreating Nazis still suffered heavy beatings and damage to their cars culminating in a Nazi brandishing a pistol as they fled with another handgun being found on the ground next to the epicenter of the fighting. 

In the time since, anti-fascists from all over Northern California have worked to identify and expose the Nazi individuals responsible for these attacks. Earlier reports by Antifa Sacramento, It’s Going Down, NoCARA, and others have detailed and mapped out large parts of the GSS network, and their affiliations to other neo-Nazi formations such as Rise Above Movement, the Hammerskin Nation, and the now defunct Traditionalist Worker Party. While GSS and their connections in the neo-Nazi white nationalist political world was elaborated on to a degree, less is known about the direct connections and affiliations of GSS to the broader northern California far-right activists that includes a confluence of Trump supporters, Proud Boys, militia members, conspiracy media consumers, and other authoritarians and racists. Continue reading

United Against the State

      City officials throughout the Bay Area have declared November 11-18 to be a “United Against Hate” week. As Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin states, “Berkeley and many other Alameda County cities will convene rallies, film screenings, art projects, etc. to learn ways we can effectively stand up to hate groups and make sure hate finds no home in the Bay Area. The goal is to give communities an opportunity to learn from one another, address specific hate crime incidents and above all, seek ways to stop hateful rhetoric from spreading.” (1) The organizing for the events are being done by a group called “Not in Our Town” (NIOT), a non-profit organization that is composed of a variety of ex-law enforcement officers, activist techies, and the reformed white supremacist founder of the Hammerskins, Arno Michaelis.(2) Reducing the issue of power and oppression to an emotional response (hate) or to isolated attacks obscures the institutionalized racism that the state requires for its functioning. This watered-down rhetoric about combating “hate” and singular attacks of prejudice is an attempt by the state and civil society to regain control of a situation that has become increasingly uncontrollable. Continue reading

Rise Above Movement Arrests: State Repression & Autonomous Anti-Fascism

On October 2nd, as has been widely reported in the media, four members of the violent neo-Nazi gang known as Rise Above Movement (earlier known as DIY Division) were arrested and are now facing federal rioting charges that could land them behind bars for years if convicted. The criminal complaint brought against members of RAM by the FBI references and quotes the work of Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) on RAM which was published in July 2017. In light of this development, we believe it’s important to examine and clarify a number of important points relating to RAM, the FBI, state repression, and anti-fascist research and organizing. Continue reading

The Proud Boys in Berkeley’s City Hall

Ryoga Vee (front, center in Spider-Man outfit) poses for a photo with Bay Area Proud Boys and allies on April 27, 2017

NoCARA recently received an anonymous submission of documents disclosing communications as well as a meeting that took place between Berkeley City Councilman Ben Bartlett, conservative activist Ryoga Vee, and Bay Area Proud Boy Jarod Flores. This news comes at a time when Councilman Bartlett is under fire for abusing his authority on multiple occasions in order to avoid traffic tickets, and the Berkeley City Council and Berkeley police are facing backlash from the community after Berkeley PD doxxed counter protesters opposing a far-right rally in MLK Park on August 5. Continue reading