Security Culture: A Handbook For Activists

An excellent zine that encompasses the basics of security culture for those that are interested in radical resistance. More from them on security culture here. For online resources, go here.

How To Set Up An Anti-Fascist Group

An article by Anti-Fascist Network that goes over the details of starting an Anti-Fascist Action group in your area.

June 26th Report Back from Antifa Sacramento

A statement made by Antifa Sacramento after the mass mobilization that sucessfully deterred Neo-Nazi groups from gathering on the steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento, California.

Five Stabbed in Mass Confrontation Between Traditionalist Youth Network and Antifa Protesters in Sacramento

An overview of the events that took place on June 26th from Its Going Down.

White Supremacists Are Met With Rocks in Sacramento and Scorn in Newcastle

The Intercept takes a broader look at the Sacramento Nazi shutdown and how it fits in to the current global political climate.

Blood in the Valley

A long form article from Its Going Down with both insight on why so many people converged to prevent the June 26th Nazi rally and a play-by-play of what exactly unfolded.