How the Biggest Racist Alt-Right Rally of 2017 is Happening…in Berkeley

Visual ‘Who’s Who Guide’ Of the Racist Right Coming to Berkeley Here

White nationalists, far-Right militias, pro-Trump bikers, members of the Alt-Right, and neo-Nazis are not only coming to the Berkeley Trump rally on Saturday, April 15th – they are speaking and organizing it. As we will show, full blown white nationalists connected to Richard Spencer and other leading neo-Nazis will address Trump supporters on Saturday, despite the claims of rally organizers that they have no connection to white supremacists or the Alt-Right. 

As we will show over and over again, this is a complete and total lie. Even the organizers themselves are connected to the Alt-Right and hold extreme racist and fascist views. 

Despite the evidence, many Trump supporters refuse to acknowledge this reality, and on the Left, many people refuse to understand the fascist threat growing outside of their door. It’s up to those of us who see the extreme danger in rising far-Right violence to take note and take action. 

Once More Into the Berk My Friends

Here we go… again. After Milo Yiannopoulos and the Berkeley College Republicans were shut down at UC Berkeley on February 1st, local and regional members of the Alt-Right got together and decided to try again on March 4th to hold a public presence. This constellation of “deplorable” Trump supporters and Alt-Right assholes received an aggressive welcome from Bay Area anti-racists and anti-fascists and ended with the right’s lead organizer Rich Black, literally running away in fear and asking his followers to do the same.

Shortly after, Rich Black and his newly-formed group the Liberty Revival Alliance, announced they would come back to Berkeley for a “Patriots Day” rally on April 15th. Black, along with Kyle Chapman, aka ‘Based Stickman,’ hit the far-Right podcast and youtube circut, doing shows with Alt-Right guru, Gavin McInnes. For the rally on Saturday, they have secured a variety of speakers including Lauren Southern, Baked Alaska, and Brittany Pettibone – all firmly located within the Alt-Right. In addition, this far-right alliance is partnering with other groups such as the Oath Keepers militia and 2 Million Bikers to join their event and provide “security.”

The so-called Liberty Revival Alliance thinks that if they can get away with bringing their fascist and racist political agenda to Berkeley, they can take it anywhere. The group is also using a frequent tactic of the Right to superficially deny their hateful politics by rejecting unsavory labels, or alternatively, hide from the consequences of open fascism by waving the banner of free speech. But we see through this smokescreen, and urge all in Northern California and beyond to converge in Berkeley on Saturday April 15th and deny the far-Right an opportunity to grow and expand their movement that is killing, burning, and bombing it’s way across the US. 

LRA’s flyer promoting their rally on the internet, designed to make you roll your eyes and laugh.

Brittany Pettibone

Brittany Pettibone from Gilroy, CA is a white nationalist blogger and podcaster that is growing in popularity on the Alt-Right. She is associated with the infamous neo-Nazi punching bag Richard Spencer and is also a contributor to the white nationalist website that he founded and operates, Pettibone has been a big supporter of Donald Trump and pushes ridiculous conspiracy theories including “Pizzagate” and “white genocide,” which claims that Jews are driving immigration and are orchestrating the forced extinction of the white race. 

Brittany Pettibone, a writer for, Richard Spencer’s website. 

Pettibone is a frequent podcaster and author within the neo-Nazi Alt-Right.

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska, real non-idiot name is Tim Treadstone. Treadstone moved from the far-Right into full blown neo-Nazism – to the point of being attacked by even other people on the Right, including talking heads like Mike Cernovich. When a twitter war broke out between the two, Baked Alaska attacked Cernovich and launched a barrage of anti-Semitic memes and comments to the point that Cernovich kicked Alaska out of the ‘Deploraball’ Trump celebration in Washington DC, replacing him with Milo (which shows where how low Alaska had to go)!

According to Business Insider

Tim Treadstone, an unabashedly alt-right social media personality better known as “Baked Alaska,” was disinvited from the “Deploraball” after publishing the tweets about Jewish people.


After being cut from the event, which initially featured him as a top guest, he lashed out on Twitter at fellow alt-right leaders, a sign of divide in the white nationalist, neo-Nazi, populist movement that backed President-elect Donald Trump.


Treadstone zeroed in on Mike Cernovich, a similarly prominent alt-right figure known for such remarks as “date rape does not exist,” who was responsible for nixing him from the event.


Treadstone has a history of anti-Semitic tweets. Other alt-right figures, like leading neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, were previously booted from the upcoming party.


“Baked Alaska is not a member of the Deploraball committee and will not be attending the event,” Cernovich tweeted. “We wish him well.”

Soon after the announcement, Cernovich confirmed that Milo Yiannopoulos, a Breitbart tech editor and conservative provocateur, would attend the event instead.


The moves prompted Treadstone to go on a lengthy Twitter rant against Cernovich and Yiannopoulos, capping off with a roughly 45-minute scorched-earth Periscope video in which he called the former “a huge cuck” and “a massive cuck” for side-stepping “the Zionist question.”

The kind of neo-Nazi and Alt-Right garbage that the ‘Liberty Alliance’ is bringing to Berkeley.

Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern in many ways is the Canadian version of Milo Yiannopoulos, and much like Milo, has made a career off of mainstreaming the Alt-Right’s major talking points against “cultural marxism” and “globalism.” Like Milo, Southern attacks the Left, immigrants, Black Lives Matter, refugees, rape victims, feminists, and Muslims. 

According to Media Matters

Southern downplayed the prevalence of rape during a Slut Walk protest by holding a sign that read “There is no rape culture in the west.” She went on to comment, “Rapes do happen, but the … vast minority  of men and women are rapists.” In response to her incendiary remarks and antagonistic tactics, Southern was suspended from being a candidate for the Canadian Libertarian Party.

Moshe Daniel Quillinan

Quillian calls on Libertarians and Neo-Nazis to unite – against anti-racism.

Daniel Quillian isn’t speaking at the April 15th rally, however he is in the inner leadership circle of the event along with Richard Black and Kyle Chapman. 

Quillian arguing for fascism and for white men that own property to run society.

Daniel Quillinan is based in Berkeley, and used to own a business with his brother. For the past few months, we have observed an escalation in Quillinan’s aggression at the same time that his politics slide ever closer to the extreme Right, as he has come to embrace open fascism. His Facebook posts often include desires to hurt and kill others, especially political opponents that stand in the way of his utopian vision of a society that works first and foremost in the interest of white male property owners.

Quillinan also uses social media to discuss various weapons that he either already owns or wants to. On February 1st, Quillinan harassed demonstrators and even attempted to pull someone’s mask off. On March 4th, he showed up with armor and weapons looking to fight. He got one, and it ended with him in the hospital getting staples in his head. It’s clear that the March 4th event was a point around which Quillinan connected with organizer Rich Black and Kyle Chapman, who he has continued working with. Quillinan also has associations with the Berkeley College Republicans, and is expected to be at the “patriots” rally on April 15th.

Quillinan wearing a shirt glorifying Augusto Pinochet, a Chilean fascist dictator known for throwing political dissents from helicopters. Pinochet has become a favored icon on the Alt-Right.

Kyle Chapman aka ‘Based Stickman’

Kyle Chapman lives in Daly City and has been making various trips across the bay into Berkeley since March 4th. At Rich Black’s first Berkeley rally, Chapman showed up with weapons including a dagger, folding knife, long stick, spiked ring, shield, and pepper spray. He was arrested and initially charged with up to 6 felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, however Chapman has yet to be charged. According to Chapman, Berkeley police also commended his actions while he was in custody. 

On April 10th, Chapman was in Berkeley wearing his ridiculous costume and eventually got arrested again for assault after he instigated a fight with local youth. Chapman also calls Berkeley residents various names throughout the video, calling them “cowards” and “cocksuckers.” He goes on to argue that April 15th will be a win for “Western men.”

The Alt-Right internet movement has turned Chapman into an overrated meme (Based Stickman) after a short video of him assaulting someone on March 4th went viral. Chapman often encourages his supporters and followers to show up to rallies to fight like he does, and to not be afraid of jail time or injury. The April 15th “Patriots Day” rally will feature Chapman as a speaker.

Chapman’s facebook also shows that he follows, likes, and supports numerous Alt-Right, far-Right, and neo-Nazis groups and pages. The Alt-Right website WeSearcher, connected to Richard Spencer as well, also raised money for Chapman. 

Kyle Chapman being arrested on March 4th. On April 10th, Chapman was arrested in almost the exact same spot, after picking a fight with young skateboarders. 

Richard Black

Rich Black of Southern California has been the lead organizer for both the March 4th and April 15th rallies in Berkeley. Black’s Twitter picture shows him making the hand sign (which in many ways has replaced the Nazi salute) that has come to be associated with the Alt-Right, and frequently used by Richard Spencer and others in the white nationalist movement. Black has described his own politics as libertarian, a movement that for some time has become increasingly mixed up with extreme far-Right fascists such as Augustus Sol Invictus and the patriot and militia movements.

Some time before the March 4th event that Black organized, he tried to join the local Proud Boys (an Alt-Right group run by Gavin McInnes) and failed. The Proud Boys disavowed Black and his organizing until Kyle Chapman’s internet fame changed their minds. Since then, the Proud Boys have stated that they are planning on being in Berkeley on April 15th in support of Chapman and Black.

Rich Black’s Twitter profile picture

Richard Spencer

Oathkeepers, ‘2 Million Bikers,’ Identity Evropa and Beyond

The far-Right militia the Oath Keepers have stated that they will do security at the event. In their statement they write

Calling on all Oath Keepers (and all three percenters, military veterans, patriot police officers, bikers, and all other brave American patriots):


Seeking capable volunteers for an overt Oath Keepers security detail to protect people during the “Patriots Day Free Speech Rally” to be held on April 15, 2017, at 12PM PDT, in the Martin Luther King Jr. Park, 2151 M.L.K. Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.  


Team Leader for the Oath Keepers on the ground April 15 will be John Karriman (Missouri police academy defensive tactics instructor and team leader on both of our Ferguson operations in 2014-2015).

The Facebook page for ‘2 Million Bikers’ currently has over 50 going, and the group plans to ride from Sacramento to Berkeley

Identity Evropa, a neo-Nazi organization has stated that their leader, Nathan Damigo will be in attendance. He wrote about the event on, the same website that Pettibone writes for and is run by Richard Spencer. Damigo rarely rolls alone, and we expect him to bring around 10 or more members of IE with him, along with a collection of Alt-Right trolls. 

The leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly, a white nationalist pagan group in Northern California has also endorsed the action and is attending, as are members of the Soldiers of Odin and potentially members of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS). One member, Jason Kale Cas, is on the “going” list of the Facebook event, along with other neo-Nazi skinheads. 

Jason Kale Cas, a neo-Nazi and member of the Golden State Skinheads that says he’s attending the April 15th event. 


Different sections of the Alt-Right, the militia movement, Trump supporting ‘Deploraballs,’ and neo-Nazis are all coming together in Berkeley on the 15th. This is happening to a degree which hasn’t been seen anywhere else in the country on this large a scale. Regardless of whatever the organizers like Chapman, Black, and Quillian, (whose own politics are racist, Alt-Right, and fascist themselves) say – the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis are coming. 

Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. This is as racist a rally as the KKK, despite a few people of color taking part in live streaming, and even taking part in speaking for groups like ‘Latinos for Trump.’ This “diversity” is a smokescreen.

Will Berkeley be a crucible for a new fascist movement – or will we draw a line in the sand and say, not here, not anywhere. 

Piss, Kilts, and Sticks: How Violent Trump Supporters Are Merging with the Alt-Right

Approximately 75 people showed up to the ‘March on Berkeley,’ on March 4th, 2017, an event organized by Richard Black of Southern California, to support the Presidency of Donald Trump. The march was to coincide with a national day of action planned in support of Trump, who faces a crisis of legitimacy and drastically dropping support in polls. In Berkeley however, the Right originally intended for this event to be a kind of follow up or revenge for what happened at UC Berkeley on February 1st, 2017, when the community shut down Milo Yiannopoulos from giving a speech, (the event was also organized by the Berkeley College Republicans who have ties to neo-Nazis), before it even began. However as we got closer to March 4th, and as Milo’s career tanked in the wake of anti-consent and pro-pedophilia comments, plans changed and the theme of the event shifted from “free speech” to supporting Donald Trump.

signal-2017-02-11-210641This development can be seen in tweets by organizer Richard Black, and is most clear in the changes made to the social media flyer that organizers produced for the event. The original flyer, which appeared shortly after the events of February 1st, depicted an event supporting ‘free speech’ and featured groups like the Proud Boys, a group of ‘Alt-Lite‘ Trump supporters and ‘Western Chauvinists’ led by Gavin McInnes. Richard Black hinted that Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, and Gavin McInnes would all be special guests, but this was not to be.

17017145_1384081628331554_2321354162501274945_oRichard Black was unsuccessful in joining a local Proud Boys chapter and Yiannopoulos, Cernovich, and McInnes all declined involvement and disassociated themselves from the event on twitter. After this, Black reframed the event as simply a pro-Donald Trump rally. To make matters more confusing, Richard Black himself identifies (or at least did) as an “anarcho”-capitalist, (to be clear, we do not consider ‘anarcho’-capitalism a part of, or form of anarchism) and his twitter banner used to feature a yellow and black image. Black even went so far as to bring a yellow and black flag with him to the rally. Despite Black’s love of markets totally free of the State, he somehow also strangely supports Trump, or at least is comfortable using Trump as a way to organize other sections of the Right, including sections of the far-Right and Alt-Right. Since March 4th, Black has changed his twitter banner to a picture of an old world statue, commonplace among the Alt-Right, probably signalling his turn toward it.

intro_flagThe second flyer Black published in the lead up to March 4th reflects this theme change, dropping any language about free speech or special guests and instead aligning with the national Trump rallies happening on the same day. Still, many on the Right were looking for revenge for February 1st and they were determined to show up to no matter what the event was, as long as it was aligned with the Right and against anarchists, antifascists, and the Left.

march_4_trumpDuring the buildup to the March on Berkeley event, Richard Black also attempted to distance his event from the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis, and anything connected to white nationalism. He also cleaned out his own twitter account, unfollowing ‘Baked Alaska,’ the neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic twitter personality that gained 15 minutes of internet fame after getting into a pissing contest with Mike Cernovich over the Alt-Lite Deploraball event held in Washington DC. Interestingly enough, the Berkeley College Republicans, themselves part of the Alt-Right and connected to neo-Nazi groups like Identity Evropa, distanced themselves from the ‘March on Berkeley’ event itself, even going so far as to state on camera that they weren’t attending. Despite this distancing, that relationship may now have changed. Richard Black is currently running a Facebook far-Right organizing page entitled, “Berkeley Heroes,” which includes Jack Palkovic, a member of the Alt-Right and the Berkeley College Republicans. Only several weeks ago, Jack was seen hugging Nathan Damigo, the head neo-Nazi organizer of Identity Evropa, goodbye on a subway platform.


Richard Black also made several statements on the event page about how the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis were not welcome at the event, even threatening their removal should they show up. As we will see, Richard Black failed on all counts to do anything close to this. Not only did the Alt-Right and far-Right mobilize for the March on Berkeley, they made up the core vanguard that both organized for and fought during the event.


Alt-Right Ancaps

What makes this group that we will present below different than other sections of the Alt-Right is that they clearly represent a different section of the movement than we are used to hearing about. In short, they do not come out of classical white nationalism that veers towards third positionism and national socialism. Instead, they are part of the Alt-Right that derives from libertarianism and “anarcho”-capitalism; although still aligning themselves with much of the Alt-Right’s pro-West, pro-patriarchy, and racial politics.

In fact, these Alt-Right ancaps believe that their vision of a society ruled by market forces and property rights best protects white, male, and Western interests, and moreover that fascism represents a useful and necessary stepping stone to achieving such a society. So if you’re scratching your head and wondering how someone that calls for a society without the State can support Trump or fascism remember: they need to take us out first. 

March 4th

On the day of March 4th, the March for Trump event in Berkeley was met by around 200-250 counter-demonstrators. Many people showed up because they were anticipating that the fascist movement that sought to provoke those of us in Berkeley and the Bay Area on February 1st would be back to try again. As the our research indicates, these concerns were valid and correct. To meet this challenge, anarchists, antifascists, and the Left came out in bigger numbers and collectively had a lot more experience in these situations than their opponents.

The Trump supporters were composed overwhelmingly of white people, though there was a small number of people of color that joined, many identifying as libertarians or “anarcho”-capitalists. The Trump crowd broke out into chants a handful of times, but could only come up with two different offerings. The first was “USA! USA!”, a typical banal chant from the Right. Their other chant was shouting “fascists!” at the counter-demonstrators. This latter chant was particularly humorous as it was the crowd of Trump supporters that consisted of actual fascists (again, documented in the research below). The counter-demonstrators were a much more diverse group. Anarchists, communists, socialists, and liberals all came together in opposition. White folks stood in solidarity with people of color. Those with documentation came to support the undocumented. All united against the threat of fascism.

C6I50KcVMAAucmNThe confrontation lasted for hours. The March for Trump plan was to meet at Martin Luther King Jr Civic Center Park in Berkeley at 2pm, whereas counter-demonstrators arrived as early as 12pm to disrupt the event. Trump supporters were timid and cautious to enter the park when they saw the opposition already gathering, preferring to stay on the sidelines and observe. It took a few of their “bravest” to make the first steps into the middle of the park before the others fell in line.

This is something that all should remember. By showing up and taking space, we created an unwelcoming environment for the enemy. But by allowing our enemies to enter into that space, the door is opened up for confrontation and putting ourselves at risk.

The March for Trump was outnumbered all day, and tensions rose as both sides continued rallying. As far as we could tell, the first physical confrontation of the day came when an older white woman from the Trump crowd walked over to counter-demonstrators raising and swinging her cane around as if to threaten them. She was insisting the counter-demonstrators were violent, completely missing the irony that she was the first to aggressively confront the other side. The primary target of her rage seemed to be an anti-Trump protester yelling out repeatedly that Trump was “a pig.”

into_knifeThis would not be the last confrontation of the day. As media documentation and firsthand reports show, multiple fights broke out in and around the park on March 4, leading to arrests and injuries on both sides. While organizer Richard Black insisted before the event that he would personally eject fascist and Neo-Nazi types in attendance, it’s become clear since March 4th that the most aggressive on the pro-Trump side were in fact local fascists, and Richard Black was aware of their plans to attend beforehand as he has been Facebook friends with Daniel Quillinan (see below) since at least February 2017. Furthermore, Quillinan and Kyle Chapman both used identical homemade shields.

Police surrounded the park all day and were organized into teams designated by colored tape on their uniforms. They were mostly hands off, until they felt a need to intervene. Many cops were out that day, some not even in uniform, filming and trying to record faces. Be safe and smart, and bring a mask! The police and the fascists both want to identify people, especially in the wake of the Milo shutdown.

The March 4 Trump lost in Berkeley. They came to cause trouble and provoke the Berkeley community hoping the police would act as a buffer for the consequences of their actions. What they found was that they didn’t understand how police act in these kinds of situations, and once organizers like Richard Black realized they were on their own, they left and pleaded with others to do the same, claiming it was no longer safe and that the police had betrayed them. After a handful of false starts, Trump supporters at one point attempted to march in the street. This didn’t last long, and the only effect it had was leaving them open and vulnerable to attacks from the community.

Like February 1st, the Alt-Trump Berkeley March 4th counter-demonstration was another victory against the growing far-Right. However, the resistance on March 4 did not benefit from the same level of organization that we saw against Milo and the Berkeley College Republicans. Many crews came out to meet the March for Trump, but coordination among them appeared minimal. In the future, more discussions and planning between groups ahead of time will prepare anarchists and those on the Left to meet the far-Right’s challenge. It’s simply not enough to call for a counter-demonstration hoping big numbers will lead to an inevitable win. We expect provocations from the Right like this to continue, and would urge those on the Left to take them seriously while staying safe and being strategic in their planning.

A Note About the Police

There were moments when some counter-demonstrators cheered the police on March 4th, if and when they decided to take action against the Right. While we understand where this sentiment comes from, we would like to point out and remind readers that this is the same police force that beat, shot, and gassed us in 2014 for hitting the streets of Berkeley for black lives. These are the same police that killed Kayla Moore in her home in 2013. The state that we cheer on if they arrest a fascist is the same state that will come down on us for defending ourselves. The movement will be better off if we see the police not as our heroes but instead for what they really are: enforcers and agents of white supremacy, and therefore, enemies. Indeed, Kyle Chapman was arrested as counter-demonstrators cheered on police, but he has since been released with no charges.

Kyle Sean Chapman aka “Based Stick Man”



“This whole experience is a little overwhelming. The out pouring of support has nearly brought me to tears. I do not consider myself a hero. I’m a patriot that loves freedom and my fellow countrymen. I have long embraced my inner warrior as many of the warrior patriots that fought along side me. I could not of done it without them. The decadence of the west has made us soft. we must reverse this if our Republic is to survive. Let 3.4.17 be the beginning of a new revolution.”


-Kyle Chapman, March 7th on Facebook

Chapman attacking protesters with pepper spray.

Chapman attacking protesters with pepper spray.

Kyle Sean Chapman (11/12/1975), also known as the “Alt-Knight” or “Based Stick Man” by his fans, is the far-Right Trump supporter that has been celebrated by Alt-Right Nazis and Trump supporters alike for violently attacking anti-fascist protesters at the March 4 Trump rally in Berkeley.

A photo album from Chapman's profile showing bullets being dipped in bacon oil to kill Muslims.

A photo album from Chapman’s Facebook profile depicting bullets being dipped in bacon oil to kill Muslims.

Chapman attended the rally ready and looking for a fight based on the weapons and protective gear he carried, including a dagger, folding knife, long stick, spiked ring, shield, and pepper spray. He can be seen in various videos instigating violence against anti-fascist protesters. This included an assault captured in a widely circulated video showing Chapman hitting a protester in the head with such force that it broke off part of his stick. He also supplied weapons to other fascist protesters including pepper spray which was also used against protesters and is believed to have caused the friendly fire amongst pro-Trump protesters- including the old man in the widely circulated image suffering from pepper spray.

Chapman with a spiked ring and pepper spray standing next to Quillinan

Chapman with a spiked ring and pepper spray standing next to Quillinan

Soon after Chapman’s arrest, anti-fascist researchers uncovered a wealth of information on him. This includes his extensive criminal history which features convictions for felonies in Texas and California for charges including robbery, grand theft, and the purchase and possession of a shotgun and SKS military caliber rifle from an illegal arms dealer. Despite the Right championing so-called law and order and espousing tough-on-crime rhetoric, support for Chapman has been almost universal amongst pro-Trump and fascists activists alike.

Chapman seen armed with a dagger and folding knife

Chapman seen armed with a dagger and folding knife

Chapman would have been cast as a “thug” and career criminal had he been an anti-fascist protester, but all that is ignored in favor of the manipulative patriot narrative currently being put forward by those camps. It’s important to understand that the relationship of fascists and the right-wing to the rule law is highly utilitarian and superficial, and one that can and will be ignored to create the spectacles of violence and the authority needed for furthering their revolutionary fascist politics.

Champman with his partner Hang "Haley" Ly, and their son.

Champman with his partner Hang “Haley” Ly, and their son.

Chapman is strongly supported by his partner and the mother of his child Hang “Haley” Ly (38) who works as a senior paralegal for Uber in San Francisco. He, Ly, and their son live in a single family house in Daly City, south of San Francisco. Interestingly, screenshots showing Chapman’s activity on Tinder have also surfaced, and reveal that Chapman has been trying to meet and date women on Tinder as recently as late February. This is very revealing of his character if he is indeed in a monogamous relationship with his partner.

Chapman trying to connect with people on Tinder as recently as February 2017

Chapman lying about his age and trying to connect with people on Tinder as recently as February 2017

Chapman’s social media is also rife with support for white supremacist and right-wing pages and causes. This runs the range from many pages associated with the Alt-Right, to Ron Paul and libertarian pages, to more traditional neo-Nazis groups like the Soldiers of Odin. Chapman’s favorite books, as listed on Facebook, are: “March of the Titans: A History of the White Race,” which prominently features Hitler and the Third Reich. His interest in movies also includes conspiracy theory films about 9/11 and climate change.

Chapman’s Facebook profile even has a gallery of images showing rifle and revolver caliber cartridges being dipped in bacon fat for the purpose of shooting Muslims. This common racist practice is supposed to prevent Muslims from entering heaven if killed with the pork tainted bullets, and betrays a complete lack of understanding about Islam. This gallery, which was uploaded 8 months ago according to the Facebook time stamp, includes Chapman as a member. These posts were made at a time when Chapman was still under court supervision for his illegal weapons convictions, and according to US code 18 § 922(g) & (n) would have received a 15 year mandatory minimum sentence if Chapman had been apprehended for possessing ammunition as someone with at least 3 prior felony convictions.

Court documents showing Chapman's conviction on weapons charges

Court documents showing Chapman’s conviction on weapons charges

Chapman’s political views, which like many of the other far-Right Trump supporters that organized and came out to the March 4th rally, seems to be an active mix of far-Right Libertarianism, Alt-Right Pepe memes, and hardcore fascist Neo-Nazism. Since these realities have come to light, those on the Right have pushed back to say that Chapman’s relationship with an Asian woman means that he “can’t be a white supremacist.” Many white men within the white nationalist movement have had or currently do have relationships with non-White women, so this reality is nothing new.

What is clear is that Chapman is a member of the far-Right and is open to neo-Nazi and white nationalist ideas, is willing to violently act upon them, and sees these groups as potential comrades in a struggle against social movements, communities of color struggling for liberation, the working-class actively organizing against capital, and anarchists and antifascists pushing back against the far-Right.


Chapman’s favorite book, “March of the Titans: A History of the White Race,” features Adolf Hitler.

A sampling of Chapman's Facebook likes which includes violent neo-Nazi street gang Soldiers of Odin

A sampling of Chapman’s Facebook likes which includes violent neo-Nazi street gang Soldiers of Odin

Chapman’s views also totally contradict comments made by Richard Black, the key organizer for March 4th, who stated that members of the Alt-Right or open white nationalists and neo-Nazis were not welcome at the Berkeley rally.

Also, while Chapman was initially charged with up to 6 felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, he was bailed out with the help of the crowdfunding efforts of Alt-Right (most notably WeSearcher, an Alt-Right platform run by Chuck C. Johnson), pro-Trump internet activists, and those involved in calling the rally like Rich Black. As of this writing, it appears that charges have not been filed against him, but the situation remains under investigation by Berkeley PD. We have also heard that Trump supporters are actively working with the police to ID antifascists.

chapman_arrestedThose resisting fascism cannot rely on the State and police to hold violent fascists like Chapman accountable. Right-wing violence is not seen as threat by the establishment because it strengthens the currently existing relationships of power and domination that the police and State are tasked with violently protecting. Anti-fascists must act from the position that regards violent fascists like Chapman as part of auxiliary and vigilante forces tasked with deepening and expanding the domination of white supremacy and other existing systems of oppression.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the popularity of the #basedstickman meme shows the desire by many on the fringe of the Alt-Right, notably in the ‘Deplorable’ subculture of Trump supporters, to actively fight and attack Left and antifascist protesters and do so in concert with open white nationalists and the Alt-Right.

Moshe Daniel Quillinan aka “Kilt Man”




15039683_1154239637990566_7216220623380936868_o Image posted to Facebook November 9, 2016 near Delray Beach, FL. Quillinan’s shirt features a picture of fascist Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, dropping dissidents to their deaths from a helicopter. The same meme is popular among the Alt-Right.

6From Daniel’s Facebook, reads: “He’s alive and well, folks. Hail Kyle Chapman, the #BasedStickMan!”

Moshe Daniel Quillinan, usually preferring to go by just “Daniel,” grew up in the East Bay where his parents sold art and furniture. Daniel and his brother John opened Q & Q Estate Jewelry together in 2012, located at 1751 Solano Avenue in Berkeley, with Daniel focusing on fine silver. This location has since closed, but some of their business pages are still available online. In 2016, Daniel’s brother John, along with his wife Caroline, opened a new store location in Texas, now just called “Quillinan.”

Q&QEstateQ & Q Estate Jewelry in Berkeley

Daniel makes his political viewpoints well-known on all of his social media accounts. His YouTube subscriptions include Richard Spencer and company’s new Alt-Right project, Milo Yiannopoulos, and a bunch of libertarian channels. On Twitter, Daniel’s activity is limited mostly to retweets. He follows Alex Jones, Marine Le Pen, Gavin McInnes, and The Proud Boys along with several Alt-Right personalities and Pepe meme pages. Like Richard Black and Kyle Chapman, he seems to believe in a strange mix of Libertarian, white nationalist and fascist ideas, and aligns with the Alt-Right. Below is a sample of Daniel’s Twitter posts.

hepamrenpgDaniel tweets about Alt-Right conspiracy theory “pizza gate” and retweets white nationalist accounts and content

Daniel is much more active on Facebook. He often posts photos while he is out and about in Berkeley, sharing evidence that he is tearing down flyers that express Left politics, and providing pseudo-intellectual commentary on the state of the city. On Facebook, Daniel is a member of Berkeley College Republicans and several libertarian and Alt-Right group pages. He also follows a number of Libertarian and Islamophobic Facebook pages.

groupslikes1likes2likes3Several posts on Daniel’s Facebook pages make references to owning or wanting to own various weapons, from knives to guns. He recorded live video and posted to social media during the successful demonstration that shut down Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley on February 1, 2017, which Daniel brought weapons to. Facebook videos include Daniel revealing that he attempted to physically engage protesters until he got scared and had to “run for his life” that night. A number of Facebook posts by Daniel repeatedly call for violence on “Leftists.” Below is a sample of Daniel’s Facebook posts. Note: these are only some of Daniel’s more recent posts. He spends a lot of time on Facebook, and therefore there is a lot of activity to go through.


Daniel makes it clear that he thinks that a fascist government will have to be put into place first as a way of defeating the Left and defending white supremacy.

A week before Daniel was sent home with staples in his head on March 4, he was spotted walking a dog somewhere on Addison St between San Pablo Ave and Fourth St in Berkeley. His posts on Facebook confirm this and indicate that he may be in the Fourth St area regularly, perhaps to walk his dog. He is also a frequent attendee at Berkeley College Republicans meetings on the UC campus.

addisonDaniel thinks this mural is Bolshevik propaganda, but he wouldn’t know good art if it kicked him in the head. Mural is found on a Mexican marketplace near University and San Pablo in Berkeley.

antitrump2antitrumpA Daily Cal reporter documents an anti-Trump protest on the UC Berkeley campus 2/17/17, with Daniel in opposition (in kilt with walking stick) accompanied by two members of the Berkeley College Republicans.

copbcrDaniel outside of a Berkeley College Republicans meeting. BCR has well documented links to Neo-Nazi groups like Identity Evropa.

Daniel showed up to the park on March 4th with a red motorcycle helmet, a shield, and various other objects that he undoubtedly intended to hurt people with. Facebook comments imply Daniel was networking with Richard Black, the organizer of the Berkeley Trump rally, in the weeks leading up to the event. Additionally, the shield Daniel was using had the same design as Chapman’s, further suggesting some degree of coordination between Quillinan, Black, and Chapman. Video evidence documents Daniel assaulting people on March 4th, his aggression making him stick out very clearly in the crowd. By the end of the day, he had to make a trip to the hospital for a number of injuries that he suffered. His brother John (going by “Jack” on Facebook), with whom Daniel used to run a business in Berkeley, has been thoroughly unimpressed with Daniel’s actions, referring to him as an idiot.

dqm4dqheaddqeaf3f2 f1Caution: Daniel Quillinan appears to be a rather unstable and dangerous person. His social media profiles show his extreme far-Right politics coupled with desires to hurt or kill others (especially political opponents). He definitely owns knives and may have other weapons. We have seen Daniel at least twice now at political events with weapons looking for a fight.

Lastly, like many others that came out to the March 4 Trump event, Quillinan’s ideas are a weird meld of extreme libertarianism and “anarcho”-capitalism, along with everything from Men’s Rights Activism and Red Pill NeoReaction to straight up white supremacist ideas. The below meme spells out this merger between fascist and nationalist uber-capitalist ideology and white supremacist thought, as Quillinan shows his belief that it is superior to that of traditional fascist neo-Nazis. While a lot of this may boil down to mere semantics to many, the point is that Quillinan is politically committed to defending white supremacy, racism, nationalism, and patriarchy, although with the window dressings of anti-Statism and freedom.


Meme shared by Quillinan

Richard Black aka “The Leader”




Richard Black, who lives in southern California, is the organizer of the March 4th event in Berkeley. While Richard was organizing for March 4th, antifascists observed that he had deleted Anthime Gionet, aka Baked Alaska, from his follows on Twitter. This appears to be relevant to Richard’s attempt to confirm Mike Cernovich as a speaker on March 4th. Cernovich banned Gionet from his 2017 inauguration party in Washington DC, which he called the “Deplora-ball,” due to Gionet’s anti-Semitic tweets. Ever since the nazi salutes seen at the National Policy Institute conference in November 2016, Cernovich has attempted to distance himself from what he sees as some of the more extreme elements of the Alt-Right. Presumably, Richard Black wasn’t going to get Cernovich to attend if he maintained a public association with Baked Alaska. In the end, Cernovich, along with Black’s other invite Milo Yiannopoulos, wanted nothing to do with him or Berkeley.


Things went similarly between Richard Black and Gavin McInnes, who started the self-described “western chauvinists” group the Proud Boys. Richard had invited Gavin McInnes to speak at the event, and had even listed the Proud Boys as featured guests on the original March 4th flyer. After Richard was supposedly denied membership into the Bay Area chapter, Gavin McInnes tweeted to Richard Black accusing that he had “put the cart before the horse,” and informing him that McInnes and the Proud Boys would not attend. These divisions have lasted on beyond March 4th, as seen in some public social media interactions between Richard and various other individuals. For example:

rbpbTweets addressed to Richard Black from a member of Proud Boys.

Richard’s March 4th event ended up with no speakers other than himself. And, despite his public distancing from the Alt-Right, he is currently using the Alt-right website Wesearchr to fundraise for future organizing efforts in the hopes that he can quit his job and become a full-time political organizer. Ironic, given the unfounded right-wing conspiracy that the Left is full of professional paid protesters and the fact that Black is an “anarcho”-capitalist but is hoping that mutual aid from fascists will allow him to stop being a wage slave. This has led some in his own political networks to question his integrity and motives for organizing these rallies.

Richard Black’s goals and priorities couldn’t be any more clear. He seems to be motivated by a desire for fame and attention, and cares very little for the people he is calling on to help him get it. Richard abandoned his friends and headed right back to southern California once he realized he was in over his head. Back at home, Richard fielded interviews and collected donations, none of which were shared with any of the arrested or injured on his side, and there were many. Everyone else was left on their own, except for Kyle Chapman, whose donation pages Richard shared in hopes of bailing Chapman out of jail as soon as possible. It’s not surprising that Richard would put the effort into fundraising for Chapman and maintaining a link to him, as “Based Stick Man” has received for more fame and attention in a matter of days than Black has been able to garner in months.

C6Il6FZU4AETn--Richard Black with Eddy Brock on March 4, 2017

Eric Zarahn aka “Maced Piss Man”

Eric David Zarahn (47) is the tall Trump supporter seen in the widely circulated and thoroughly meme’d images with a bloody face and urine soaked pants. Despite the media casting Zarahn as a victim of BPD “standing down,” video and images from March 4th and earlier events from around the Bay Area reveal him to be a violent racist seeking confrontations and initiating fights.

zarahn_pissOn March 4th, Zarahn was seen aggressively interacting with anti-fascist protesters early on, to the point he began shoving people. This is when he was initially pepper sprayed, and had to be treated by fellow right-wing protesters. Not content with that alone, Zarahn decided to get back into the fray, this time with his face masked up with a white t-shirt.

Zarahn masked up with a t-shirt

Zarahn masked up with a t-shirt

As tensions continued to mount and further clashes broke out, Zarahn was seen violently attacking anti-fascist protesters, and at one point, even placing one in a headlock and attempting to choke them. This was met with a swift response from anti-fascists who freed the individual, and in the process, left him with a bloody face and urine running down the front of his pants. Zarahn was later seen indignantly crying to the media and police, and bemoaning his fraudulent victimhood which the media has been all too eager to uncritically repeat at face value.

zarahn_crying_to_copThis isn’t the first time Zarahn has been spotted engaging in violent behavior and seeking out a fight. On June 2nd, 2016, at the ill fated Trump campaign rally in San Jose which saw anti-racist protesters violently clashing with Trump supporters, Zarahn was seen in running around in a fighting stance and trying to attack groups of youth of color. In 2014, he participated a racist rally meant to intimidate and bully Mexican youth at a Morgan Hill high school into not celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Another fight that Zarahn lost. (San Jose, 6/2/2016)

Another fight that Zarahn lost. (San Jose, 6/2/2016)

A look into Zarahn’s social media and internet presence paints a picture of someone ideologically transitioning from more conventional patriotic and pro-America forms of thinly veiled and socially acceptable racism to a more overt conspiracy-oriented and Alt-Right white nationalist worldview. Zarahn’s Youtube account subscriptions include Red Ice TV, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Stefan Molyneux. He also started a petition that called for the death penalty for anyone engaged in “jihad,” and has many Amazon reviews on Islamophobic and other conspiracy material on Islam.

Zarahn's Youtube account subcriptions

Zarahn’s Youtube account subscriptions. Includes a variety of Alt-Right and far-Right staples like Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux, along with neo-Nazi fare such as Millennial Woes and Red Ice TV.

Despite Zarahn’s inclination towards conspiracies, he holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience from University of Pennsylvania, and at one time taught at Colombia University. He also engaged in pro-Israel and Islamophobic activism using his position at the university. Zarah has also worked for tech companies such as Microsoft, and currently lives in west San Jose.

Zarahn at the ant-Cinco de Mayo rally bullying Mexican high school students in 2014

Zarahn at the ant-Cinco de Mayo rally bullying Mexican high school students in 2014

It’s worth noting the fact that like Zarahn, a large number of fascist and white supremacist activists in the contemporary moment are from educated and affluent middle class and professional backgrounds in “STEM” and other highly paid fields. Counter to the continually perpetuated images of the uneducated working-class neo-Nazi skinhead or robed KKK member as the typical present day racists, some of the most fervent and vocal racists of today are software developers and engineers in technology fields which are continually celebrated as ushering in a more progressive, egalitarian, and interconnected world through tech. A standout example of this was when Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff network of white supremacist podcasts was exposed as Mike Peinovich, a software developer. While a deeper analysis is beyond the scope of this piece, beneath the seemingly crisp, transparent, and immaculately designed user interfaces of Silicon Valley’s “disruptive” tech innovations lie the coercive and surveilling systems of profit extraction conceived, developed and tested by the likes of Eric Zarahn.

Travis Kenney and Mikey Kingshill

Travis Kenney and Mikey Kingshill are two members of the Oakland band Hammerlock. They were present together at the rally, and were seen aggressively engaging anti-fascist protesters. Shortly after Rich Black and others directed the pro-Trump crowd to march, Kenney is seen in livestream footage sucker punching an anti-fascist protester and repeatedly punching them in the head.

Travis Kenney sucker punching a protester

Travis Kenney sucker punching a protester

While this was happening, Kingshill also tried to assault the person being attacked by Kenney, and was pepper sprayed and knocked to ground multiple times by others in the crowd. After a protracted fight, Kenney, Kinghills, and Kingshill’s wife were sent packing from the rally. Kenney is current being sought by Berkeley Police for possible charges stemming from the rally.

Kenney (left) and Kingshill before shortly before sucker punching the protester

Kenney (left) and Kingshill before shortly before sucker punching the protester

Hammerlock as a band has been around since the mid-nineties, and their sound has been described as “fusing alternative metal, Southern rock, and punk” by people attempting to sell their records. The band’s image is strongly fused with confederate symbolism and other overt Nazi symbols such as the Iron Cross, which is seen both on their official materials and worn by Elizabeth Kenney, the other member of the band. Kenney and his wife live in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland.

Official Hammerlock logo featuring Nazi Iron Crosses

Official Hammerlock logo featuring Nazi Iron Crosses

Libertarians Starting to Organize, Making Inroads Into the Alt-Right

White nationalist and Alt-Right groups such as Identity Evropa seem to lack the capacity to step up as leaders in this current round of clashes, and it appears that various libertarian and “anarcho”-capitalist groups are trying to move in and fill the void. On March 14th, Cal Libertarians and Students for Liberty hosted an event at UC Berkeley that they called “Milo, Trump, & the Assault on Free Speech” featuring Tom Palmer of Atlas Network. View the video here. Most students didn’t even know these groups existed locally before this event. Organizers paid to have the Facebook event as a sponsored ad in an attempt to reach a wide audience. Despite this, the number of attendees on the Facebook event that committed to go were dismal, peaking at 56, which included Kyle Chapman and Daniel Qullinan.


A image from “Shawn,” who attended the event. Shows both the popularity of “Based Stick Man” among Alt-Right libertarians as well as their participation in the recent Berkeley event.


Neo-fascist and former Libertarian Party candidate Augustus Invictus was invited to the Berkeley event. Augustus has a long history of working with and affiliating with neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups.

Because these politics have been dominant in the recent confrontations between the far-right and the left in Berkeley, these groups and individuals should be monitored by antifascists going forward, as they might be positioning themselves as the vanguard of this local alt-right movement.mtfs17352305_394791447547427_7494144908445015067_n 17309547_394791440880761_4402824212025933354_nThe Alt-Right Returns to Berkeley, April 15th

On Saturday, April 15th, the Alt-Right under the leadership of Richard Black is coming back to Berkeley. The location of the rally is not being openly discussed, however it seems that the group will return to the same park, right next to the police station. It also appears that Richard Black will attempt to secure a permit (aka police protection) for the day in the park, and is attempting to fundraise up to $10,000 for the rally.


Ryan Barker, a young neo-Nazi skinhead that’s excited to attend Richard Black’s next rally on April 15th in Berkeley and has RSVPed on Facebook.

What is clear is that a wide variety of Trump supporters, ancaps, 3%er militia members, and Neo-Nazis are all coming out to the rally on April 15th. Just looking through the guest list, we found Neo-Nazi skinheads in southern and northern California, people connected to the Alt-Right neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa, as well as ancap provocateurs such as Eddy Brock, who attempted to start fights on February 1st. This is just a small smattering of the people and groups that are coming out of the woodwork and who will be attending the April 15th action.


Aaron Eason, a fan of the neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa and various Alt-Right organizations. Another individual interested in attending Richard Black’s April 25th rally.

It is clear is that the events in Berkeley really have little to do with free speech and probably even less to do with Trump. While Trump may present the potential for unity in the extreme Right, the real goal of those coming out to these demonstrations is to attack the Left, anarchists, and antifascists. In allowing them to rally and organize, we only give them more confidence and allow more chances for them to hurt, injure, or potentially kill us.

It’s time to sweep the scum off the streets. Kilts, sticks, and piss.

Support Our Comrades

Support Berkeley Anti-Racists

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The Kids are Alt-Right: The UC Berkeley College Republicans

The Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) have invited Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at UC Berkeley [1] as a stop on his so-called “Dangerous Faggot Tour” on February 1st, 2017. Milo has gained a fair amount of infamy in recent years, currently has a lucrative book deal, and writes for the far-Right online publication Breitbart, whose former editor, Steve Bannon, is now currently Trump’s top advisor. Bannon has said that Breitbart is a “platform for the Alt-Right,” which is a collection of far-Right, white nationalist, Men’s Rights Activists, anti-immigration and anti-Muslim activists, and Neo-Nazis. While Bannon distances himself from some of the Alt-Right, his appointment has still been celebrated by fascists all over the US.

As for Milo, no other person has been more credited for mainstreaming the Alt-Right as himself. Milo first rose to prominence during ‘Gamergate,’ where women in the video game industry were harassed for speaking out about their second class status in the industry, which included threats of rape and sexual assault. Milo’s positive coverage of Gamergate (which won him the eye of the Alt-Right) and his attacks on feminism propelled him into his position at Breitbart, where he would go on to pen a positive expose on the Alt-Right, regarded as one of the major crossover points for the movement.

Milo’s connections to the Alt-Right continued. During the RNC convention in 2016, at Milo’s ‘Gays for Trump‘ event, along with hosting anti-Muslim speakers such as Pamela Geller, who called for banning the Quran and Muslims from “jihad countries,” was also well known Men’s Rights Activists and white nationalists. This included Roosh V, (also a speaker at white nationalist conferences), who called for the legalization of rape on private property, as well as Richard Spencer, the white supremacist who organized a recent DC conference that ended in Nazi salutes of “Hail Trump!”

While Milo rejects the full on Neo-Nazism of some of the Alt-Right, he still is partial to the politics which seek to re-affirm white supremacy and patriarchy and is opposed to what he see as the encroaching nature of ‘political correctness’ in the media and wider culture. Moreover, Milo is also useful to the far-Right because as an openly gay man and a hip dresser, he is seen as someone who can make reactionary and racist ideas more palatable to young people.

But just as Milo is helping to mainstream the Alt-Right in the media and the wider culture, so are groups like BCR in the field of political activism. In the current Trump climate, they are also helping to bridge the gap between white nationalists in the Alt-Right and more mainstream Trump supporters. This is a reality that has been building for months and is growing across the country, as it was just released that in Seattle, the leader of the college Republicans at UW has connections to white nationalists. Going back to May of 2016, when Identity Evropa along with Richard Spencer came to UC Berkeley to hold an event, the leader of BCR, at the time, was in attendance, talking with IE and NPI members. This crossover link between Trump supporters on campus and white supremacists groups like IE has only grown since, with the leader of IE, Nathan Damigo, stating that they are working more closely with college Republican groups in an attempt to grow their base of support. [2]

Taking on the Trump regime, the white nationalist groups which are acting as an auxiliary force to support it, and media figureheads like Milo who are attempting to popularize these positions among young people, now also means taking on the more ‘mainstream’ political organizations which are becoming more tied together with the fringe. In some cases, the are all bleeding together to the point of being the same entity.

In that spirit, this article is aimed at informing the university and greater Berkeley and Bay Area community about the white supremacist and fascist students using the guise of “free speech” to encourage hate and violence against those already marginalized and oppressed. As we will show, the line between white nationalists and run of the mill Republican student activists in Berkeley is blurring, and it is up to those opposed to white supremacy and patriarchy to take note, and to take action.

Berkeley College Republicans and the Alt-Right

In December, a call-in campaign was started urging anti-fascists and allies to contact the university and demand that the administration not open their doors to Yiannopoulos. Since then, we’ve learned that BCR will have to put up $10,000 to fund the security that the school deems necessary for such an event to continue as planned. At this point, it’s unclear whether the club will be able to find the money or not. This also isn’t the first time a university has asked for an extra security fee from students inviting Milo to their schools, and while some clubs haven’t been able to pay and thus had to cancel the talk, others have succeeded. In fact, we know of at least one instance at DePaul University where Breitbart paid the cost themselves in order to have Yiannopoulos speak.

Will the Berkeley College Republicans be able to find the money to continue their event? How will they raise $10,000, and from who? And exactly who are these students that have invited Yiannopoulos to Berkeley to speak in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union building, which houses the Pauley Ballroom?

Let’s find out.

Nick Winterer

Social Media:

We first became aware of Nick when he made Facebook comments in fall 2016 that included veiled threats of violence against people concerned about homophobic messages appearing on and around the UC Berkeley campus. Unfortunately, we were unable to get screenshots of Nick’s comments at the time, and a moderator of the Facebook group it was posted to has since deleted the thread. On the other hand, we were able to get this photo that Nick uploaded to his Facebook profile, which he has also deleted or made private by now, perhaps realizing that making your ID a public photo on social media is not a good idea.

13482805_10210137173164895_729201578776701446_oThis is Nick.  Looks familiar, right?  We thought so too.

Nick showed up to Sproul Plaza on May 6, 2016 for Identity Evropa’s coming out rally at UC Berkeley featuring well-known fascists Nathan Damigo (who runs IE) and Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute. The rally saw a handful of other Identity Evropa members and neo-nazi supporters show up as well.

nw_ucbNick is in the center of the photo, behind Nathan Damigo and next to John Hess

Some people pictured at the “rally” did in fact have nothing to do with it. Some were simply curious about what was going on as they were walking through the plaza. However, if you were there, it was clear who was on the Alt-Right team. In the above photo, you can see Nick standing behind Nathan Damigo of IE and next to John Hess, a neo-nazi who came all the way to UC Berkeley from Arizona for this event. Nick’s congregating with white supremacist leaders and “activists” at their rally coupled with his threats of violence supporting homophobic messages around campus leaves us feeling certain he didn’t show up to that rally on accident.

Richard Spencer advertised the event online only 48 hours in advance because the fascists feared that giving too much notice to antifa would ruin their fun. Spencer would later become well-known to many more people after the Atlantic leaked a video from NPI’s post-election conference featuring supporters giving the nazi salute at the end of Spencer’s closing speech.

According to Nick’s Facebook profile, he appears to have graduated from the university in 2016 but still lives in Berkeley. Nick’s profile also indicates he is friends with members of BCR, including Alexandra Tran, a member of another group, Cal Libertarians who is one of the people “hosting” Milo event page on Facebook along with BCR club president Jose Diaz. The homophobic messages seen around Berkeley written in chalk [3], and now sometimes spraypaint as of January 2017, that Nick defended with threats of violence are an example of how messages and ideas like this aren’t just words.

Matt Ronnau

Social Media:


mr_breitbartMatt, another UC Berkeley student and member of BCR, can be seen in a video featured in this Breitbart News article published in October 2016. Together, the video and article try to reframe the narrative of a day of protest on campus in attempt to confirm and validate the false assertion of white victimhood widespread in Alt-Right circles, which is then used to justify the violent white supremacist and fascist backlash they wish to unleash. Following the publication of the Breitbart piece and a wave of white anger directed at the school, a UC Berkeley student wrote this article debunking the white victim narrative that was being spread by the far right.

Jack Palkovic

Social Media:



Jack is a member of BCR and studies European History at UC Berkeley. A quick look at his social media provides a clear indication of his far-right politics. Jack gained some notoriety when Breitbart published an article that featured a video he filmed while arguing with anti-Trump students on campus. Viewers can hear Jack whining in the video about his politics not being tolerated. BCR’s cardboard cutout of Trump was destroyed, and Jack allegedly got punched in the face following that incident. Reportedly, his phone was also snatched and he snitched to the police, later making the following statement to the media: “This is the result of the total hegemonic control by the Left and their visceral hatred and disdain for the traditional American nation-state and self righteous disgust that anyone would dissent from this or hold to an opinion that is contrary to theirs.”


At one point, his Facebook intro read “‘Racist’ is an anti-white racial slur. Men and women are different. People are not equal. #Trump2016.” He follows Alt-Right podcasts such as Right On Radio and The Weekly Narrative.

jack palkovic alt right radio jack palkovic

jpfb1jpfb3jpfb2Note Ancap Pepe’s comment.  This is Angelo Valle (see below)

Jack, along with other members of BCR such as Angelo Valle, showed up to an anti-Trump demonstration in Berkeley following the election in November with hopes of documenting and harassing demonstrators. They failed.

Angelo Valle

Social media:


Angelo changed the Facebook URL of his “anonymous” pepe account above while we were researching for this article. The original URL contained his real name, making it obvious it was him. We actually found the pepe account first and then were able to find his personal account through his poor choice of shortcut URL.

Unlike the other members of BCR, Angelo is a student at Berkeley City College, a community college located a very short walk away from the UC Berkeley campus. Again, looking at his social media shows you the kind of world Angelo wishes to live in. He likes and shares memes from pages such as Fash the Nation, The Daily Stormer, Europe Rising, and so on. Angelo has expressed interest in ethno-nationalism and has been considering applying to join Identity Evropa.

This is where Angelo works:
Mom Chairs and Table Rental
2390 Mission St Ste 106
San Francisco, California
(415) 756-3971

Claire Ciara

Social Media:


Claire is Executive Vice President of BCR studying Political Science and Economics at Cal. You may already know of her as the youngest delegate at the GOP’s 2016 convention where she supported Trump or from her failed run for California State Assembly in the 2016 elections. Going forward, we’ll all know her as Vice President of a college Republican club incubating a growing fascist movement under the Trump regime.

UC Berkeley’s Response

The university, through spokesman Dan Mogulof, has tried to stay out of this issue as much as it possibly can. While citing an obligation to uphold free speech and ensuring that the administration can’t and won’t withdraw the invitation to Yiannopoulos, Mogulof has also repeatedly claimed that the views we all anticipate to be expressed on February 1st won’t reflect the views of the university. Many have already pointed out Mogulof’s hypocrisy and inconsistency when it comes to free speech. Just last semester at UC Berkeley, a student-led course about Palestine was cancelled by the administration explicitly because of course content. Not once did Dan Mogulof tirelessly defend the free speech of these students as he is now for BCR and Milo Yiannopoulos. Also curious is the fact that Mogulof, the university, and those funding UC Berkeley would be concerned about this class on Palestine due to how the state of Israel may be depicted, and yet they are silent about the Neo-Nazis organizing and spreading white supremacist propaganda all over the campus and the city of Berkeley. To see a map of places where Identity Evropa material has appeared, go here.

To also boil down the issue to one of “free speech,” as if every group, organization, person, and idea has equal access at UC Berkeley is to believe that UC Berkeley is a neutral organization – which it is of course not. Since its creation, UC Berkeley has been a training ground for the technocrats of the future, helping to design weapons and train hedge fund managers. It has used its police to crush everything from anti-Apartheid demonstrators to those that sought to defend People’s Park. It is one of the biggest vehicles of displacement, development, and gentrification in Berkeley, and moreover exists by exploiting a vast pool of low-paid service workers (largely of color) and generates massive amounts of revenue through high tuition and student fees. If anything, Milo fits in perfectly with UC Berkeley, as they are both well dressed, highly connected, and well educated entities which serve the interests of elites.

While not every member of BCR seems to be directly connected with Alt-Right politics, at the same time, they are still involved in promoting a political party that holds the most reactionary, racist, and ecocidal platform in history. While the institutional Left of Berkeley and the wider bay area, which has a stranglehold on the region, deserves no free pass, nor do the Republicans, as one of the two managers of the plantation that is America. The white nationalists at its edges of this system are just the crystallization of the larger politics that has been mainstreamed under Trump; that white supremacy needs to be strengthened in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and other popular struggles from below.

BCR and similar college groups around the country help create ripe conditions for far-right politics to emerge and grow, and it is through groups like BCR that the Alt-Right and fascist groups plan to mainstream themselves. While some leaders in the Alt-Right scene such as Matthew Heimbach have started white student unions to organize white supremacist college students, these groups haven’t really been able to materialize. On the other hand, Nathan Damigo and other wannabe fascist dictators have advocated for an infiltration of college republican groups, waiting until they have a critical mass to come out as full-blown Neo-Nazis. This will start to get easier for them as the GOP is being transformed into the party of Trump. Milo’s planned visit on February 1st is just another opportunity for organizing and spreading these violent and oppressive politics. We should not allow the red hats of today to become a modern version of the brown shirts. Universities and college campuses should be seen as critical sites of contention between anti-racists/anti-fascists and the growing Alt-Right, and they must be defended as anti-fascist zones.

It’s up to all of us to realize that both the auxiliary force to the State of the white nationalist Alt-Right, it’s ‘hipster’ reactionary talking heads like Milo, and the ‘respectable’ Republican party they seek to influence and defend, are all our enemies. Let’s start treating them as such and organize accordingly.

Contact BCR Here! No Alt-Right Fascists on Campus!


[1] Show up to shut down BCR’s Milo event on February 1 here:

[2] The person behind the “Straight Liberation Movement” in Berkeley is Nicholas Frabasilio, who assaulted an 11-year old boy in 2013.

[3] For more information on Nathan Damigo and his fascist group Identity Evropa, which recruits students at UC Berkeley and other colleges across the country, see previous posts at Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA).

Meet the Damigos: All American White Supremacy

damigo_flagNathan Damigo’s seemingly meteoric rise to media prominence with his white supremacist activism under the banner of Identity Evropa would not be possible without the emotional and material support of his family before and after his release from prison in 2014. Nathan currently lives with his family on a 5 acre compound in Oakdale, located in Stanislaus county, California. Residents include Nathan’s parents, Mike and Charilyn, as well as his grandparents Benjamin and Charlotte Haley. Nathan has lived at this compound since his release and during the entirety of his involvement in white supremacist activism. He leads the organization primarily out of the compound, and has registered the business entity of Identity Europa, Inc. at this address.

Yellow ribbons welcoming Nathan home after his release

Yellow ribbons welcoming Nathan to the Oakdale compound after his release

The Damigo family embodies the core values of the idyllic white American family: They are devout protestant Christians and many have proudly served in the military and law enforcement. While Nathan Damigo’s white supremacist activism is seen by many as the emergence of a new and aberrant phenomenon, Damigo’s ideology is very much within a continuation and evolution of his and his family’s relationship to the structural white supremacy that underpins every facet of American society. This relationship is one of at least several generations of his family earning a living in law enforcement and the military on the frontlines of dispensing the daily violence and murder necessary for maintaining and expanding the white supremacist capitalist system in the US and its global dominance.

Nathan in his USMC uniform

Nathan in his USMC uniform

While the Damigo family, especially his father, held high hopes for Nathan’s military career in the Marine Corps, his 2010 conviction and prison sentence for armed robbery shattered those dreams. Nathan served approximately a combined 5 years behind bars for armed robbery committed in 2007 against Changiz Ezzatyar, a taxi driver in the San Diego area. Nathan targeted him because he thought he “looked Iraqi” and placed a loaded pistol to his head.

During Nathan’s arrest, legal proceedings, and subsequent incarceration, his family, especially his mother Charilyn, devoted themselves to supporting and advocating for him. They began a very vocal and persistent campaign to excuse Nathan’s actions as the result of post-traumatic stress from combat in Iraq and to erase the victim of Nathan’s racist robbery and the harm inflicted against him. The recurring theme in all the family’s efforts is a sense of frustration at the denied entitlement to special treatment for Nathan and the idea that he should not have suffered the consequences for his action because of his service in the military. The family was able to attract the attention of many media outlets and sympathetic military and civilian officials, including the producers of the HBO film Wartorn. Nathan’s story was sympathetically featured in this film, and the Damigos were even invited to attend a screening of the film at the Pentagon.

Mike, Charilyn, and Josh Damigo attending a screening of Wartorn at the Pentagon

Mike, Charilyn, and Josh Damigo attending a screening of Wartorn at the Pentagon

Most of Nathan’s term was served in an Oklahoma prison where he was moved to due to overpopulation in the California prison system. There, he joined white supremacist prison gangs, and began reading authors like David Duke (a Neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, and former Grand Dragon within the KKK) whom he credits with this racial awakening. Now, prospective Identity Evropa members are encouraged to read the same books by Duke that Damigo did in prison, in the hopes that they too undergo a similar racist conversion. Despite joining up with white power prison groups, it appears that his sentence was mostly uneventful. He was even able to obtain an associate degree with the persistent support and interventions of his mother. Once released on parole, Nathan moved into the Oakdale compound.

Nathan being visited by the family

Nathan being visited by the family

Damigo’s father, Michael “Mike” Christopher Damigo (57) is a retired Santa Clara county sheriff’s deputy, former sergeant in the US Marine Corps, and graduate of the conservative Christian Bob Jones University. Mike is not Nathan’s biological father, and adopted him and his older brother, Joshua, when he married their mother and changed their last names from Lodge to Damigo. Nathan has four siblings: His older brother Josh, step-sisters Tiffany and Natalie, and younger brother Tice. The family mostly lived in San Jose, before moving to Oakdale.

Mike and Charilyn's wedding

Mike and Charilyn’s wedding

Based on his online writings, Mike took a lot of pride in Nathan’s enlistment and service in the Marines. He had been a prolific contributor to the newsletter of “Sgt. Grit,” a retailer of USMC branded merchandise where his writings mostly concerned Nathan and his deployment in Iraq. These writings which are full of nationalist, militaristic, and religious sentiments, and are very telling of his authoritarian and American exceptionalist mindset. In one of these dispatches, he advises those deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan to “do what you gotta do to come back home” and to “watch out for cameras and lawyers and GET SOME!” Mike’s writings noticeably ceased after the date of Nathan arrest, and the contrast makes his sense of disappointment in Nathan palpable.

An example of Mike's writing on the Sgt. Grit newsletter

An example of Mike’s writing in the Sgt. Grit newsletter

Mike also has over two decades of history with law enforcement and remains on the Santa Clara county payroll according to Transparent California, where prior to his retirement, his total pay and benefits regularly exceeded $150k annually. In 2010, he shot and killed an undocumented Mexican cannabis farmer in the eastern hills of Santa Clara county. Despite the farmer only being in possession of a pellet gun, the county district attorney cleared him and other officers involved of any wrongdoing. Mike retired in 2015 and receives a pension from the state.

Mike Damigo

Mike Damigo

Charilyn Damigo (53), Nathan’s mother, can be described as a helicopter parent with her very persistent and involved approach to supporting Nathan during and after his prison sentence. Chief among these efforts was maintaining a now deleted blog about Nathan’s time in prison where she solicited donations and other support. She directly helped Nathan with his course work (including the transcription of his homework over the phone and sending him an Xbox 360 video game console for watching course DVDs), and even helped him pick classes and determine prerequisites once he began enrolling at CSU Stanislaus. She also continued her advocacy for Nathan and was even able to get the dishonorable discharge status reversed for Nathan, so he could be eligible for VA benefits. She was also able to get the San Jose city hall to sponsor a screening of Wartorn with the then mayor Chuck Reed in attendance.

Charilyn and former San Jose mayor Chuck Reed

Charilyn and former San Jose mayor Chuck Reed

Earlier in Nathan’s life, he was enrolled in the private Liberty Baptist High School in San Jose. Charilyn worked there as a teacher and principal for a number of years. She has a long history of involvement with veterans support organizations. She is the Vice Chairman [sic] of FAVA: Family Alliance for Veterans of America and is the chapter President for Mid-Cal Blue Star Moms.

Nathan’s grandparents, Benjamin (78) and Charlotte Haley (76) are the owners of the compound the family lives on. Benjamin is also a former police sergeant who retired in 1993 and receives a pension of approximately $70k from the state. His son and Nathan’s uncle, Jerel Haley is the chief of police in Atascadero, CA (next to the affluent down to San Luis Obispo) whose total annual pay and benefits regularly exceed $200k. Benjamin has a limited liability corporation named Charben, registered to his address.

Ultimately, it’s clear that Nathan Damigo, as a felon would not be able to lead his organization were it not for the emotional and financial support provided by his family. While the media continues its seemingly compulsive need to give Nathan a platform and to create hype around his activism as something novel, as this writing has detailed, his white supremacist ideology is directly informed by that of his family, protestant religious values, social environment, and institutions he’s been involved with such as the military and law enforcement.

In a time of increasing emboldened activity from the grassroots white supremacist movement and its subset in the Alt-Right of which Nathan belongs, it’s important to broaden our understanding of white supremacy as a systemic and structural feature of the American political system that’s been inseparable from it since its inception. White supremacy is not just the vulgar and explicit calls for radical and genocidal racial stratification that the Alt-Right loosely advocates for, but a power and resource imbalance between those accepted into whiteness and those excluded from it that’s directly woven into the very fabric of how America functions.

The police and military are central to the preservation of white supremacy as they are tasked with violently imposing and protecting this social relationship. From its most significant origins as the the runaway slave patrols, the police has always primarily functioned to defend the property and interests of the wealthy and powerful through the application of violence, and this continues to be the central function of the institution to this day.

It is also ironic that much of Damigo’s life has been so severely impacted by institutions such as law enforcement, the prison industrial complex, and the military, that have also so deeply impacted communities of color. According to Damigo’s worldview now, non-whites genetically are inferior, are more prone to crime, are less intelligent, and Jews also conspire to destroy the “white race.” We wonder if Damigo felt this way about his fellow soldiers that were non-white, many whom joined up because unlike Damigo, they were not from upper-middle class families, but wanted money for college or to support their children. These people fought alongside him in Iraq and some surely died, as did the literally hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians which were killed as the war dragged on from it’s start in 2003, to say nothing of the literally millions that have died due to US sanctions and under Saddam while he was a US ally. What of the millions of people that were part of the massive and growing prison system that Nathan was a part of for several years? Was Nathan not supposed to be there, but they were? It’s clear that from viewing the support received by Nathan’s family, they would probably agree. Nathan was a “good” boy from a well off family that was negatively impacted by a war most now don’t support, and in turn, was arrested for a crime that Nathan now says African-Americans and others are genetically pre-determined to carry out.

Furthermore, the growing militant resistance to police violence, incarceration, and murder against black, brown, Native, other people of color, the poor, and mentally disabled, through movements such as Black Lives Matter and other struggles against forms of oppression such as capitalism, patriarchy, imperialism, environmental destruction, and the State have brought alarm to those like Nathan Damigo and his family. They view the privileges and special treatment once afforded to them as a benefit of their social position of whiteness and serving as its diligent armed protectors as eroding and under attack by this emerging militancy and the autonomous movements of oppressed people. In resisting white supremacy, we must go beyond just shutting down the Nathan Damigos of the world, but we must also confront the systemic and structural aspects of this social relationship in all facets of our lives.

Michigan Identity Evropa: Fraternity of Fascists


Andrew Ferguson and Kilian Glish, 1st and 3rd from left. Two members of the fascist and white supremacist group, Identity Evropa, and former members of the DKE frat in Michigan. Shawn Mccaffrey is pictured 2nd from the front right, and is another Michigan resident.


A building for DKE in Michigan. The fraternity included members who are part of Identity Evropa, some even serving in leadership positions.

This report focuses on Identity Evropa members and their alt-right network in Michigan, some of which are former members of the DKE fraternity. Delta Kappa Epsilon for centuries has been a prestigious frat for wealthy, bougie, and well connected spoiled brats, and boasts a total of 5 former members who have gone on to become POUS. For more information on Identity Evropa in general and their membership outside of Michigan, see our last report, Identity Evropa: Mapping the Alt-Right Cadre.

Andrew Ferguson (Royal Oak, Michigan)





Andrew Ferguson is an IE member based out of Michigan. Ferguson is a MSU grad and was Vice President of the DKE frat (Delta Kappa Epsilon), which Kilian Glish (another IE member, see below) was also a member of, and served as Treasurer. Ferguson and Glish attended NPI’s November 2016 conference together.  Both are featured in the IE group photo from the conference with Ferguson on the far left and Glish standing next to him (with beard).

Ferguson might live at 2226 Baxter Ave Royal Oak, MI 48067

fergusonglishAndrew and Kilian showing a lot of concern for the working class white people that are fetching their drinks

fergusonglishfratAndrew Ferguson (left) and Kilian Glish (right) at a DKE gathering. Can you smell the bourgie?

Kilian Glish (Troy, Michigan)


Kilian Glish graduated from Michigan State University in 2014. During Glish’s time at the university he majored in economics, played on the rugby team, and even became the treasurer of Delta Kappa Epsilon. During his final summer ahead of his senior year, Glish studied abroad in Germany where he got to practice his German and immerse himself in the culture. Looks like he was about 70 years too late.

Surprisingly, Glish has a profile posted at The Professional Diversity Network, a network aimed at “Connecting Diverse Professionals to Employers That Value Diversity.” 

According to Glish’s Linkedin profile, he currently works for Collaborative Advantage Marketing located at 2021 Hazel St Birmingham, MI 48009.  The phone number is (248) 723-0793 and you can find their website here:  More information on CAM can be found here: If Collaborative Advantage Marketing is one of those employers that values diversity, they might like to know that a white supremacist is working for them.

Glish might live at 183 Hampshire Dr Troy, MI 48085

dkemsuDelta Kappa Epsilon MSU photo with a familiar symbol; the same logo as Identity Evropa. Appears to be some sort of pen.


The official Identity Evropa symbol.

DKE frat that Ferguson and Glish were in:



Ferguson and Glish with “Lion’s Cup” from DKE facebook page, 2012.

Shawn Mccaffrey aka Shawn Michael (Commerce Township, Michigan) (older FB account) 
(set to private)


Do you think Shawn realizes how dumb he actually looks in this picture, or it’s just all of us? 


 Shawn just remembered that even if this whole Nazi thing doesn’t pan out, he’s still going to be a white rich kid with a lot of opportunities.

Shawn, 24, seems to be in the inner circle of the inner circle within Identity Evropa, and he has appeared at both the recent NPI Conference, the IE rally in San Francisco, and was seen in photos with William Clark, Damigo, and Chad Turner in joking discussing ‘retaking Constantinople.’

Voter records place someone with his name at: 8361 Dickert St Commerce Township, MI.

mccaffreyrockPhoto posted by Mccaffrey on Twitter following Trump’s election win in Georgia. Alt-Righters hit Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and Kennesaw State University, where the rock was painted. Participants also put up posters promoting TRS (The Right Stuff), a white nationalist, and Neo-Nazi podcast network. Unclear as to if Shawn was there, but again, shows connections with broader white nationalist, Neo-Nazi, and Alt-Right network.

Evan Thomas (Royal Oak, Michigan)


Nathan Damigo and Evan Thomas at Red Fox English Pub in Royal Oak, Michigan
July 22, 2016

la-lmascaro-1479594799-snap-photoThomas and Damigo at the National Policy Institute conference November 19, 2016

Evan Thomas centered his activity around organizing state-wide conferences from about 2006-2009, inviting speakers such as Jared Taylor to his events. His experience must have come in handy, as Nathan Damigo captioned the above photo of him and Thomas at the last NPI conference in November 2016 with “Identity Evropa volunteers coordinating the conference.” Thomas is active in the so-called identitarian movement and has done reporting on these movements in Europe.

Kyle Bristow (Commerce Township, Michigan)


Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas
P.O. Box 381164
Clinton Township, Michigan
(248) 838-9934

spencerandbristowRichard Spencer and Kyle Bristow

Also a graduate of MSU where he studied international relations, Kyle Bristow is now an attorney in Michigan and Ohio where he runs the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas. Under the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Bristow organizes alt-right conferences, defends alt-right activists, and seeks to reverse civil rights gains by revisiting Supreme Court judgements. Bristow defended Matthew Heimbach after he assaulted a black woman at a Trump rally in early 2016. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“[R]epresenting Heimbach will be Kyle Bristow, a soft-spoken but viciously opinionated racist activist, a recently minted lawyer who entered the movement while an undergraduate at Michigan State University. Like Heimbach, Bristow in the last couple of years has become one of the white supremacist movement’s most visible young activists — and he is doing his best to become even more so.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a detailed report on Bristow here:

Robert Frederick Besch (Dearborn, Michigan)


Mask features ‘black sun’ logo, often used by white supremacists.

Robert Frederick Besch is a neo-nazi living in Dearborn, Michigan. He attends the University of Michigan-Dearborn and studies biological sciences. Though Besch now regularly shares nazi images and praises Hitler on his various social media, his older Twitter account followed accounts like Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert, and Nick Cannon.  

He may live at 1805 N Highland St Dearborn, MI 48128
Beach’s email address is

Besch’s various social media accounts:

Iron Mitten – The Michigan ‘The Right Stuff’ (TRS) Crew


Iron Mitten is the name of a group that some of these alt-right fascists are participating in to spread their message on local university campuses.


Michigan appears to be a major site of activity for Identity Evropa and the greater alt-right, with propaganda appearing around both the Michigan State University and the University of Michigan campuses. They appear to be well networked into institutions that only the wealthy and powerful have access to, however these are organizations who’s image can be shattered with this information.

Flyers such as this one can be distributed at places like MSU and UM to spread the word about Identity Evropa and what they’re about.

Identity Evropa: Mapping the Alt-Right Cadre


The combined money from all IE members trust funds could bail out half of students with loan debt. Identity Evropa (IE) members at the National Policy Institute gathering in Washington DC.

Several weeks ago, the National Policy Institute (NPI) held its annual conference in Washington DC, which ended with NPI head Richard Spencer declaring, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!” as people in the audience threw up their arms in fascist salutes. While images of white supremacists Sieg-Heiling went viral online, it did nothing to stem the tide of media spotlight that the mainstream bestowed upon Spencer. After the conference, white supremacists on the podcast, “Intersectional Alt-Right” with Andrew Anglin (of The Daily Stormer) and Jazzhands McFeels discussed the event and talked about how a gap was widening between the “older vanguard” (like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Peter Brimelow of V-DARE) and the “new generation,” (headed by Richard Spencer and many others who grew out of the Alt-Right subculture of Neo-Nazi podcasts and memes). But another key player was emerging: Identity Evropa.

This is a group that stands poised to take the biggest advantage of the growing Alt-Right subculture and ‘buzz,’ and is currently headed by CSU Stanislaus student and Oakdale, CA, resident, Nathan Damigo. Identity Evropa presents itself through social media as a large organization with an established network on campuses across the US. At this point, we think it’s important to take the potential size of IE as reality and organize accordingly, however we find that a select tight cadre seems to be doing much of ‘the work.’

The organization itself is the result of a rebranding of The National Youth Front, also headed by Nathan Damigo. The National Youth Front served as the youth wing of the Neo-Nazi American Freedom Party, which is headed by long-time white supremacist William Johnson, wealthy corporate lawyer. This previous and more open Neo-Nazi formation has benefited IE; For example, IE’s Facebook page is simply the old account for The National Youth Front with a new name. Much of IE’s recent efforts have gone into massive road trips, in which cadre members have traveled around their respective regions putting up posters and stickers, and in some cases attempting to engage with students. By and large these efforts have been thwarted; from their failed attempt at holding a rally in SF to hundreds of posters and stickers being destroyed. IE also spends a lot of energy on inreach into campus groups such as the college Republican clubs and other white nationalist organizations, using Trump’s campaign as a foot in the door much like ‘Alt-Lite’ speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos have done. We expect that this cross pollination will continue into 2017; especially as the Alt-Right continues to fracture and splinter over part of the movement’s open embrace of Nazism.

According to an interview with Nathan Damigo on Counter-Currents, there also appear to be some IE members who are involved but wish to stay off the radar about their activity, as evidenced by the amount of anonymous Alt-Right twitter and facebook accounts; distinguishable only through their variations of the “Pepe the Frog” meme. According to Damigo, IE does have a wide network of IE members across various campuses in the US and it is growing, especially as IE makes more inroads into College Republican clubs. We think anti-fascists should take Damigo at his word and act accordingly, while also focusing directly on the leadership cadre of IE and exposing their Alt-Right base of support when able.

It must also be noted that Identity Evropa caters towards a very middle-class, (as in Abercrombie store manager, not truck driver) if not upper middle-class audience. The group has strict membership rules, such as no visible hand and neck tattoos. This is important because the ‘niche market’ they are attempting to reach is exclusively young, “professional” men of college age (and who are enrolled in higher education) that are unhappy with 8 years of Obama and excited about the Trump campaign.

Identity Evropa is also one of the only Alt-Right groups to attempt to hit the streets and create an actual organization that recruits members and builds a base of support. These tactics are more commonly seen in traditional Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups such as Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Workers Party and the like. By contrast, groups with Alt-Right branding tend to organize online. Like Heimbach, Damigo claims that these organizations are growing in numbers (which we don’t doubt). At the same time, they haven’t yet been able to muster much of a force on the streets, although this is the direction they know that they are headed in, along with influencing the Trump administration.

As our report will show, their leadership cadre is small and also very exposed, although we hope that this report will help us gather even more information on others within leadership – full names, schools, jobs, etc. In sharing this information, we hope that the wider anarchist and anti-fascist networks we are part of can begin organizing resistance to this new breed of fascist that comes in khaki and polo.


Nathan Damigo drove about 8 hours to drawn on a chalkboard on a San Diego campus with two other IE members. Also, someone really has horrible hand writing with that yellow.

Identity Evropa social media accounts to monitor:

IEcadreIdentity Evropa held a rally for 15 minutes before running to their cars while white pedicab drivers flipped them off. From left to right: Unknown, Shawn MichaelMark BidwellReinhard WolffTeam Stihl, Unknown, William ClarkChad Turner, Johnny Ramondetta/Monoxide, Nathan Damigo. Damigo later claimed four of the people pictured here were from “the area” while the rest were from out of town. He also stated that several IE members were off to the side talking with people walking by. 

Nathan Damigo Oakdale, CA


Make Nazis Short Again! And careful with that tattoo Damigo, you’re about to violate your own dumb ass rules bruh breh. PS – 2007 in affluent neighborhoods called, it wants it’s Hollister back.

Much has already been written about Nathan Damigo, and we have a lot more to say about him in the coming weeks. As for now, check out more about the leader of Identity Evropa here: Nathan Damigo Exposed: Identity Evropa Leader Operating Out Of CSU Stanislaus and here.


John Ramondetta/Johnny Monoxide Berkeley, CA


Johnny Ramondetta of Berkeley. Hates people of color, loves their art. WE CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP FOLKS.

John Ramondetta, aka Johnny Monoxide, 44, lives in Berkeley, CA and has live-streamed both of IE’s get togethers in the Bay Area for Red Ice. Fun facts: In 2013, Ramondetta got his second DUI arrest after driving drunk in Sebastopol. He currently works in IBEW Local 6 in San Francisco, and at the time of this writing we know that much, if not all of the people that Ramondetta works with are very well aware of his political views and are not impressed or pleased with them in the slightest. He has also complained about his fellow supremacists making fun of his name and not taking him seriously. We suspect that Ramondetta will continue to be the chosen livestreamer for all Alt-Right events in Northern California and will most likely only deepen his relationship with Red Ice, IE, and other such groups.


Shawn Michael/Shawn Mccaffrey Commerce Township, Michigan


Do you think Shawn realizes how dumb he actually looks in this picture, or it’s just all of us? 


 Shawn just remembered that even if this whole Nazi thing doesn’t pan out, he’s still going to be a white rich kid with a lot of opportunities. (older FB account) 
(set to private)

Shawn, 24, seems to be in the inner circle of the inner circle within Identity Evropa, and he has appeared at both the recent NPI Conference, the IE rally in San Francisco, and was seen in photos with William Clark, Damigo, and Chad Turner in joking discussing ‘retaking Constantinople.’

We suspect Shawn may be the one putting up IE posters at University of Michigan and voter records place someone with his name at: 8361 Dickert St Commerce Township, MI.

Mark Bidwell San Francisco Bay Area

The “big brother” on the IE block, Mark Bidwell seems to be connected to wider Alt-Right circles, and we believe that he is involved in writing for the Radix Journal (which he was linking from his twitter account) as well as working potentially with Counter-Currents Books (which has a PO Box in San Francisco). Bidwell also attended a Trump rally along with Nathan Damigo and participated in putting up Identity Evropa posters around the downtown. According to his twitter account he is married with children, is a teacher, and is currently moving. We suspect that Mark is also putting up (or helping to put up) IE posters in San Francisco, which have popped up in several different neighborhoods. His twitter handle may refer to the Sunset neighborhood in SF.



“Every rose has a Evropa!….Just like every Aryan, sings a sad, sad song…”

William Clark Philadelphia, PA

William Clark appears to be another key component in Identity Evropa, as he often appears in pictures with Nathan Damigo and other cadre. He was at the San Francisco rally and came all the way from Philadelphia. He has been very out in the open about his involvement in Identity Evropa and also was in attendance at the National Policy Institute (NPI) Conference. His twitter account, sigruna14, has multiple references to Nazi and white supremacist ideology. The sig rune is the lightning bolt “S” symbol used in Nazi symbols such as the “SS” logo. There is also a reference to the “14 words,” a mantra created by white supremacist terrorist David Lane of the Order. Despite Damigo’s best efforts to hide and deny IE’s Neo-Nazi roots, these references as well as the appearance of IE’s leadership at an NPI conference that ended with nazi salutes, tells a different story.




“The power of Hitler compels you!”

Chad Turner Southern California

Turner has been involved in IE from the start and hardly ever leaves Nathan Damigo’s side when the two of them are in public, acting as a bodyguard for his much smaller leader. He was at the Berkeley rally in May of 2016, wearing a white Trump hat and arrived with Spencer, Damigo, and John Hess on the campus before it began. Turner can be seen in this video putting up IE posters in Downtown Berkeley with John Hess of Phoenix, AZ. Turner was also at the rally in San Francisco, along with the NPI Conference in Washington DC. Turner and Reinhard Wolff have made several appearances at SDSU attempting to recruit more support. We suspect that Turner along with Wolff are residents in the Southern California area and either attend, or live close to SDSU, as several times now they have canvassed and talked with students there on the campus. 


Turner on the SDSU campus talking with students. 


Welp, there goes 40 bux. Turner putting up posters in Downtown Berkeley with John Hess which were quickly destroyed.

Reinhard Wolff San Diego/El Cajon Area

30708288760_010dcfa9db_zWolff at San Diego State University. It’s dark. Turner is nowhere to be seen. No parents. Wolff so scared.

wolffalabamaWolff and another member (identity not known) looking for a spot to place IE posters at the University of Alabama, Birmingham


Reinhard grimmises to do any work without the support of his maid. “Must…use…Aryan…strength…to…push…through…this…thumbtack!”

Reinhard Wolff says he started thinking about race in 7th grade when he moved from all-white private schooling to a public school (oh the horror) where he experienced a shock as he started having to go to school with black students and kids that didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth. At 18-19, he developed an interest in conspiracy theories, and after moving through an “Alex Jones phase,” is now making videos about conspiracies for Red Ice, which itself moved from using videos and podcasts to talk about conspiracies to full on Neo-Nazism.

Wolff credits former KKK and Neo-Nazi leader David Duke and Wolff’s 4chan activity during George Zimmerman’s trial for killing Trayvon Martin as additional influences on his political views. Wolff is deeply connected to the white nationalist and Alt-Right scene, and during the last NPI Conference he not only repped Identity Evropa but also livestreamed for Red Ice Radio. According to the Daily Aztec: 

Reinhard Wolff is a member of Identity Evropa and an SDSU alum. Given the controversial nature of his work with the organization, he confirmed “Reinhard Wolff” is a pseudonym, but he was able to provide verification of his previous enrollment at SDSU. He graduated in May 2016 with a degree in social sciences. He has been placing posters on SDSU’s campus and engaging with students. Specifically, he’s been engaging with white men.


Wolff, still terrified of students at public schools attempts to bargain for his life before this lowly toiler steals his wallet at SDSU.

Twitter: (account suspended)
Twitter: (new account)


Wolffe on left, Turner on Right on a San Diego, CA campus during “Project Siege.”

Who We’re Still Looking For:

These are members of Identity Evropa we are still looking to find more information on. If you can help us or know who these people are, please get in touch!

“Team Stihl” Unknown

uid2-3 copy ud2The man wearing the “Team Stihl” hat was at both the UC Berkeley rally in May of 2016 and the SF rally in late 2016. At both times, he was seen wearing a hat for Stihl, a corporation that sells items such as chain saws and can be found in home improvement stores.

We suspect that this may be his Facebook:

“Balding Evropa” Unknown:ud3

“Polo Shirts Uber Alles” Unknown

This person was later photographed leaving a bar, Broken Record, with Nathan Damigo and a few other individuals. Identity Evropa stickers were found in the area at the same time, and numerous posters have popped up in the same general area. We suspect that he is a San Francisco resident and possibly involved in Counter-Currents publishing. We also guess that he is continuing to put up posters in the San Francisco area and lives there.

We suspect this might be his twitter account:


Too bad there’s not a gym to fix your face!

Other IE Members:

Federico Andres Dotti Irvine, CA


Tfw your mom cuts your allowance.

Federico Andres Dotti is a senior at the University of California Irvine majoring in math. He joined Identity Evropa some time in late June, expressing an interest in spreading IE’s propaganda in his local area. Though Dotti has chosen not to make public appearances as a member of Identity Evropa at any IE events or conferences associated with the alt-right, several of his social media accounts reveal that he has been networking and building a rapport with fellow fascists both inside and outside of IE. Dotti grew up in Argentina where he has spent most of his life, but takes pride in his Italian/European heritage, which he considers a more definitive characteristic of his identity. Dotti is most likely responsible for the Identity Evropa posters that have been appearing at UC Irvine.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he works for Riot Games and currently attends UC Irvine School of Business.


Gabriel and Katy Kansas

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Gabriel Wilson was the first IE member to seriously embarrass the organization on a wide scale.

Gabriel Wilson and his girlfriend Katy Galloway (perhaps the only woman to ever be allowed near Identity Evropa) made a name for themselves as they drove around the Mid-West, putting up Identity Evropa posters and stickers. Soon after, Wilson busied himself with leaving racist chalk messages outside of a local university, which he admitted to doing like a total dumbass to a reporter. Then soon after that, racist and threatening phone calls were made to the Dean of the same school, who has African-American children. Wilson is strongly suspected to have made the calls, although refused to answer questions when asked by news reporters. Wilson was also disowned by the local Libertarian Party, after he attempted to get involved in building up their local chapter and they found out he’s a total Nazi. At the time of this writing, it is unknown if Gabriel and Katy are still involved in Identity Evropa, or if Damigo is holding them at a long leash for making the group look like a bunch of drunken KKK members. Currently, it seems their social media accounts have been turned off.

Katy’s Email:

More info at:

Nor Cal IE Member:

IE member in Santa Cruz/Northern California (possibly putting up IE stuff in San Jose/SJSU and UC Santa Cruz).


Evan Thomas Royal Oak, Michigan

Nathan Damigo and Evan Thomas at Red Fox English Pub in Royal Oak, Michigan
July 22, 2016

la-lmascaro-1479594799-snap-photoThomas and Damigo at the National Policy Institute conference November 19, 2016


Evan Thomas centered his activity around organizing state-wide conferences from about 2006-2009, inviting speakers such as Jared Taylor to his events. His experience must have come in handy, as Nathan Damigo captioned the above photo of him and Thomas at the last NPI conference in November 2016 with “Identity Evropa volunteers coordinating the conference.” Thomas is active in the so-called identitarian movement and has done reporting on these movements in Europe.

Collin Wright Denton, Texas


Collin Wright is one of the younger members of Identity Evropa. He attended John H. Guyer High School in Denton, Texas and graduated in 2014. Wright attended the last NPI conference and can be seen in the IE group photo on the right.


13909367_1741316606134552_9203667653976086045_oCollin Wright (left) and family

Jared Huggins Atlanta

Jared is a member of IE who attended the NPI conference. He is friends with Patrick Sharp (unclear if that is Sharp in below picture) who has also been involved in a variety of white supremacist groups including white student unions and the Traditionalist Youth Network.


That face you make when your mom lets you outside to be really quietly racist while surrounded by black people.


Rashy haircut.

John Hess Arizona


“Nathan, you don’t write, you don’t call…*sob*.”

“John Hess” is the dumb-ass name of a Phoenix, Arizona based man who made the jump from the National Youth Network to Identity Evropa with Nathan Damigo. Hess was one of the few, the chosen, that came with Damigo to UC Berkeley for a rally in May of 2016. More info on Hess here and here. Hess is also an out and out Neo-Nazi, known to post pictures of Hitler on his facebook and work with other Nazi groups such as the National Socialist Movement who are also active in Arizona. We haven’t seen Hess pop up in a while outside of Phoenix, so maybe he’s out of favor with the leadership of IE.


Identity Evropa Ohio

IE Ohio Twitter:

Leader IE Ohio Organizer:

This profile has many IE friends, likely is in IE:


Jake Cox: Big on IE:

Nathan Damigo has mentioned networking with others in the movement through The Hestia Society, which has chapters in San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver.  This is their website: American Vanguard, which was also at NPI, has a very similar style and presentation as IE and the groups regularly meet. Other groups and projects close to IE include Counter-Currents Publishing and of course, Richard Spencer at the National Policy Institute.

Identity Evropa wrote on their recent trip to the NPI Conference, which included they said, 26 members:

[That] we are the intellectual vanguard of the American right cannot be doubted. Now is the time to press harder than we have before to make ourselves and our ideas more prominent on the national stage. Our movement is no longer a head without a body. We have the momentum to propel ourselves into the future, and Identity Evropa will be on the front lines of this fight helping to lead our people to a better and brighter future. 

Let’s be sure to sweep IE and their shitty ass posters and stickers off the street, and build up our own movement in its place.

To share your information about Identity Evropa, contact us here: nocara [at] riseup [dot] net

No Fascists on Campus: Shut Down Milo at UC Berkeley

The Berkeley College Republicans have invited far-right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at UC Berkeley on February 1st.

Given the recent increase in fascist activity both on and around the UC Berkeley campus, we feel that the university’s willingness to provide a platform to Milo Yiannopoulos and his views is unacceptable, and we intend to shut this event down. We are inviting all allies and the Berkeley community to join us in making UC Berkeley a fascist-free zone.

Yiannopoulos is one of the many online trolls who successfully capitalized on the Trump campaign to bring fascist and racist ideas into the mainstream. While his presence on the web can be traced back to the GamerGate controversy, Yiannopoulos rose to cult fame through his work at Breitbart News Network, where he used his identity as a gay man to express overtly islamophobic views under the facade of queer interests. Similar to Trump, the core of Yiannopoulos’ support has come from places like 4Chan, Reddit, and other online bastions of the “Alt-Right”. However, since being banned from Twitter for his anti-black harassment of actor Leslie Jones, Milo has been searching for a new platform off the web for his hateful ideology. In fact, on his current book tour Yiannopoulos has used the frame of “anti-political correctness” to push dangerous narratives about a wide array of marginalized groups. Some examples of his hatred on tour so far includes such spectacles as dressing in drag to mock a sexual assault survivor; calling to keep trans folks out of the LGBT movement and encouraging their harassment; and calling BlackLivesMatter a terrorist group. Additionally, Yiannopoulos is connected to Roosh V, a well-known “men’s rights activist” that has advocated for legalizing rape, and Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute (NPI), intellectual head of the “Alt-Right” that seeks to make America an exclusively white ethno-state, who came to the UC Berkeley campus in May 2016 with UCPD protection to recruit Berkeley students to his white supremacist cause.

In this context, Yiannopoulos’s college speaking tour should be recognized as an effort to embolden “Alt-Right” internet trolls into real world political organizing on college campuses. In light of the success of the Trump campaign, the “Alt-Right” is looking for opportunities to turn their momentum into an organized political front. This event is particularly important as an opportunity for Yiannopoulos to connect with a large audience, and for a large number of far right supporters to connect with him and others at the event. This is an opportunity that we cannot give them.

As the last year has demonstrated, this kind of free speech and discussion has meant near impunity for racists and sexists to target marginalized students on campus with little recourse for those who are harassed. We believe that an educational community should not accommodate fascist ideologies. We believe it is the responsibility of communities both on and off campus to shut down this kind of organizing in order to ensure that there is no platform for fascists in Berkeley!

This is a call to action to stand against fascism and the militarization of campuses. This is a call to stand in solidarity with those communities who are most at risk from this kind of neo-fascist “free speech,” especially in the wake of Trump’s election win. We encourage those interested in taking a stand now to use the letter template below to demand that UC Berkeley not host Yiannopoulos.

Feel free to draft your own message or use the letter script provided below however you choose to contact the University. For those interested in delivering their message over the phone or via mail we have provided that info below:

I am writing to express my anger and frustration at UC Berkeley’s decision to host notorious racist, sexist, and transphobic speaker Milo Yiannopoulos on February 1, 2017. I am also notifying you of a growing inter-community coalition to keep Milo off campus and of my support for them. In light of the increasing hostility towards marginalized groups on campus, including the hate crime committed on campus on election night and the increasing racist harassment around campus that has followed, it is disgraceful that UC Berkeley would welcome Mr. Yiannopoulos and his hateful, bigoted rhetoric on campus. Mr. Yiannopoulos was slated to speak at Portland State University and NYU, however both campuses cancelled the events stating that his viewpoints compromised student safety. He has also been permanently banned from DePaul University as the school claimed he created a “hostile environment.” 

The permission of this speaking event is yet another example of the continued inaction by the university to protect the interests of many of its students. At this point it is well within the university’s ability to stop this event from happening. I urge the university to issue an apology to the community at large for permitting such a dangerous figure to come to campus and threaten the safety of its students. If the university chooses not to take action, students and community members will take the initiative to keep their campus safe.


UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ office

Phone: 510-642-7464

Dan Mogulof, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Public Affairs

Phone: 510-642-3715
Mobile: 510-919-6954

Michael Emerson Dirda, Communications Manager, Public Affairs


Facebook event link:

Identity Evropa Tries To Make Waves With ‘No Sanction’, Bellyflops Instead

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 5.51.04 PMThis Saturday, notorious fascist news outlet Red Ice Radio announced that Identity Evropa (IE), a white-supremacist propaganda group, had planned an anti-immigrant demonstration in San Francisco for the following Monday. IE would be protesting San Francisco’s status as a ‘sanctuary city’ with Red Ice live streaming the event, further solidifying the known ties between the two organizations. Word quickly spread, and on Sunday Rad-Left news source Its Going Down dropped an article detailing the event, its organizers, and their distasteful history. Other sources picked up the story, which blew up overnight and was shared online hundreds of times. Antifascists and enraged SF residents alike answered the call, despite the rally only being publicized two days in advance, and despite the yet-to-be-announced location. By the time Monday rolled around, a good many were ready to take to the streets and challenge the group outright- something Identity Evropa apparently wanted to avoid at all costs. In a last-ditch attempt to avoid angry locals, Red Ice Radio tweeted out around noon that the 3 pm Demo would be held at SF State University, when it was in fact to be held half an hour away at the Embarcadero near Pier 14. The pier was chosen symbolically after a ricocheted bullet shot by an undocumented man killed 32-year old Kate Steinle last July. Despite overall data trends that show otherwise, IE and the right wing in general continues to fear-monger over this isolated case and point to it as proof that immigration brings increased crime rates. It doesn’t- Rising crime in San Francisco? Look to factors like economic disparity and rising population and density. Increases in crime due to a wide range of social, economic, and political factors have historically been blamed on black and brown folks and used to scapegoat and criminalize them. We can do better than this tired narrative. We must do better.

In any case, this classic bait-and-switch bought Identity Evropa a few precious moments of uninterrupted rallying. What they hadn’t accounted for was the fact that no one walking by had any interest in listening to what they had to say in the first place. After several minutes of outlining his half-baked ideas and pacing back and forth, Identity Evropa founder Nathan Damigo became visibly upset at the public’s disinterest. “I can see that a lot of you here today just don’t give a shit” Damigo sneered at the passing crowd through his megaphone. “You just want to live your lives, be left alone.” This is quite possibly the only accurate statement Damigo made throughout his entire tirade, which consisted mostly of anti-immigrant sentiment and support for racial segregation. In fact, the entirety of the rally was little more than Damigo front and center waxing faux-intellectual on the megaphone, obviously enjoying an opportunity to hear himself talk. Behind him stood a sparse group of IE members, not even breaking an even dozen- a far cry from the growing base Damigo often brags about on twitter. Several gripped a vinyl banner reading “No Sanction – Make San Francisco Safe Again”, a slogan mired in prejudice toward immigrants and downright ignorance. (Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, are actually less likely to commit violent crimes than US Citizens.) Then, just as soon as it had started, the demo was over. Scarcely 20 minutes had passed before Damigo finished his final ramblings and mustered one last chant from his followers. Hecklers were already starting to line up on the sidelines, and could be heard over the megaphone on the live stream. IE and Red Ice knew it was only a matter of time before even more opposers began to show up from the SF State mix-up to shut them down, so they packed up and high tailed it out of there before even reaching the half-hour mark. “This is going to be the first of many. We aren’t going away, we aren’t going anywhere!” Damigo declared as he and his followers retreated, pausing to trade insults with the gathering opposition. “You can see the love we’re getting here, but we aren’t going anywhere!” Damigo and the rest of IE then proceeded to go away. Sources report that they were spotted downtown and at the SF State campus later that evening flyering, but that they dispersed at the first sign of opposition. Identity Evropa flyers were allegedly found in trash cans on the campus.

Over all, we can safely say that “No Sanction” was a flop. The only true value those sad, sad 21 minutes held is the amusement that they collectively brought us. Well, that and all the hi-res shots we now have of IE member’s faces. Oops. The lack of advertisement beforehand, the small numbers, the fear of confrontation, and the laughable time-frame of IE’s rally (can 8 guys holding a banner even really be called that?) all point to bad organizing compounded by effective pressure from outside opposition. Good job, team! However, the fact remains that Damigo’s talking points are arguments we hear far too often, from far too many people. Damigo and Identity Evropa are not the first to regurgitate these falsehoods, and it pains us to say that they will surely not be the last. Like many on the right, IE only brings up the ‘sanctuary city’ issue as it relates to crime, pointing to city legislation that prohibits local law enforcement and other municipal employees from inquiring about immigration status or making arrests based on said status. IE, along with democrats and republicans, continue to further marginalize immigrants by falsely equating one’s immigration status with criminality as we touched on earlier. This doesn’t even begin to address the myth of a sanctuary city altogether. Local law enforcement working alongside Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) under the Obama Administration’s “secure communities” policy has arrested and deported a record-breaking 2.5 million people since 2009. Border policy is one of the many factors that ensure white supremacy’s rule of terror in every aspect of social, cultural, and political life. Border policy specifically does this by criminalizing, scrutinizing, and exploiting immigrants, who are often people of color, in order to maintain meaningless national boundaries. This relationship of domination of people of color by those of European descent dates back to the colonial era and continues into the present. The post-colonial subject seeks sanctuary from the everyday ravages of capitalism, and the naked brutality of the state. This state of crisis is the norm in a world ruled by brute force, money, and racial inequality. The rise of civil war and extreme instability in Syria and the following refugee crisis has the international community requesting more sanctuary cities than has ever previously been documented. We look to those in the midst of this crisis fighting against oppressive powers, such as the YPG and YPJ in Rojava, but we must also look to ourselves and fight against anti-immigrant policies and attitudes in our local area. In this era, we can clearly see that the crumbling old world order, divided hierarchically by the fictitious notions of race, class, and national boundaries, is neither sufficient nor excusable. We can no longer afford to entertain these destructive worldviews that eat human lives and livelihoods and separate us rather than uniting us. For the good of all, because we recognize that no one is free until everyone is free, we have no choice but to strive to dismantle the social burdens that are the state, its borders, and the free market capitalism it enforces. For a freer world, without borders. No human being is illegal.

Nathan Damigo Exposed: Identity Evropa Leader Operating Out Of CSU Stanislaus

unfashedRecently, the president of CSU Sacramento called up the president of CSU Stanislaus, a campus located in the Central Valley town of Turlock, CA. The CSU Sacramento president, Dr. Robert S. Nelsen, was concerned and angry after discovering that a white supremacist group, Identity Evropa (IE), had pasted up a series of posters promoting themselves around the campus. Wanting to know more, Nelsen did a quick search and found that its creator was Nathan Benjamin Damigo, a man who had done 5 years in prison after carrying out a violent hate crime against a working-class Muslim cab driver. Nelsen did a database search thinking that perhaps Damigo was a local student, only to find that he was a senior not at CSU Sacramento, but at CSU Stanislaus. As it turned out, faculty at CSU Stanislaus were aware of Damigo and Identity Evropa’s presence in Turlock long before that phone call was made. When members of NoCARA spoke with faculty members while canvassing, they learned that the campus staff are well aware of the situation and know that it is Damigo putting up stickers and posters around the campus.

While Damigo has been majoring in Social Studies at CSU Stanislaus, he’s also been busy building up one of the fastest growing white supremacist groups in the US. About a week ago, Identity Evropa (IE) launched their latest campaign, “Project Siege,” which focuses on recruitment and plastering college campuses with propaganda. The imagery on Identity Evropa’s official propaganda is left intentionally obscure (closeups of greek statues, short, open-ended taglines, and the green, three-sided prism logo are some of their chosen staples), reading more as ‘generic skateboard company’ or ‘bad vaporwave band’ than ‘extremist hate group’. However, their disarming appearance does not change the fact that they are promoting and actively campaigning for the creation of an all-white, fascist, authoritarian political power.

Indeed, Damigo is interested in building a fascist movement, not just in popularizing images for online consumption through twitter. For instance, earlier this year Damigo and his circle of Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and Trump supporters held a rally at UC Berkeley that was live-streamed by Red Ice Radio, an extremist, anti-Semitic media outlet. Damigo has worked on and off with Red Ice Radio in recent months. He reported for them at the RNC with fellow white supremacist Richard Spencer, and spoke with them at the American Renaissance conference, a gathering that presents fascist and racist ideas as ‘scientific’ and ‘biological’. All of this signals the beginnings of a new fascist movement- one that incorporates many different groups, seeks to ride the coattails of the Trump campaign, and has the potential to build something much more lasting and destructive.

Towards this end, Damigo has put a lot of work in building up Identity Evropa through putting up posters and stickers, most recently through his promotion of “Project Siege”, IE’s latest campaign. In a video published on September 27th, Damigo encouraged viewers to put up their own flyers and posters around college campuses as part of the project. “For those of you guys who want to take part, you don’t necessarily have to be a member of our organization,” Nathan urged. “We would actually invite everyone to do this; to get out to these students just what they’re not being told.”

Since the beginning, Identity Evropa has put out an excessive amount of information on social media advertising their postering exploits in various cities, which has resulted in most propaganda being quickly torn down by the public and by anti-fascists who monitor IE’s social media accounts. CSU Stanislaus, however, has only ever been mentioned by Damigo in his personal bios and in passing on a podcast with Red Ice Radio. Identity Evropa stickers and posters were found throughout the campus, but were never mentioned in the official Twitter or Facebook. The question then becomes, why has Damigo been so uncharacteristically quite about his activity on the campus?

There are several factors: First, we believe that in addition to attending CSU Stanislaus, Nathan Damigo lives in the nearby town of Oakdale, about 40 minutes north-east of Turlock. Identity Evropa’s P.O. Box is listed as being located at the Oakdale Post Office. Secondly, CSU Stanislaus is a notably diverse campus – only 26% of the student body is white. Damigo isn’t just hiding in plain site around individuals who are willing to look the other way, he is purposely avoiding drawing attention to himself in his local area because he knows it would be risky. When it comes down to it, Damigo has not publicized the Identity Evropa posters and stickers that he put up around CSU Stanislaus for one simple reason. He doesn’t want to shit where he eats.

This Tuesday, the sewage backed up right into Damigo’s toilet, and the shit got everywhere. Anti-fascists answered the call for #ProjectSiege in the form of 300 posters that went up at CSU Stanislaus. The posters detailed Damigo’s hidden past as a convicted felon in a violent hate crime, as well as his involvement in a string of hate groups before attempting to rebrand himself with Identity Evropa. After all, the students have a right to know what they’re not being told, and true to the tradition of suit-and-tie campus fascists, Damigo has an ugly side that he isn’t advertising for the world to see.


The posters littered the campus, covering community cork-boards and the shredded remains of Identity Evropa propaganda. They also appeared outside of the post office that houses IE’s P.O. box. One thing is clear: “Project Siege” is in full swing, and it isn’t the Alt Right who’s doing the sieging!

Take Action against Identity Evropa and #ProjectSiege

We call on all Anti-Fascists to join us in the fight against Nathan Damigo and Identity Evropa’s #ProjectSiege. Here’s a list of things that you can do to take action:

Call CSU Stanislaus

Contact CSU Stanislaus and voice your displeasure with Damigo and the Identity Evropa scandal. Flood the Social Studies Department with calls and emails- you can organize a call-in night with friends, take 5 minutes by yourself on your lunch break, and get the word out to others about calling in. Putting pressure on the university is one of the many valuable tools in our toolbox, and one of the easiest to do from just about anywhere. Demand answers about the school’s allowance of white supremacist propaganda and their lack of intervention despite knowing the culprit’s identity. Stress that students have a right to know that a Neo-Nazi with a violent history is attending classes on the campus, and that Identity Evropa is openly organizing for a fascist and authoritarian white supremacist movement. If you live in an area where Identity Evropa has put up posters and stickers, explain how angry you are and tell them that this has to stop!

Call the Social Studies Department Directly at: (209) 667-3037

Call Department Chair Dr. Kevin Jasek-Rysdahl: 209-667-3182

Call Coordinator Dr. Chau-Pu Chiang: 209 667-3037

Call Administrative Support Coordinator Susan Jordan: 209-667-3342

Take Down IE Propaganda in Your Area

Monitor the Identity Evropa Twitter account here and the Facebook here. IE loves advertising exactly what they’re up to, so finding out if they’ve postered near you shouldn’t be a challenge. They target high-density areas and college campuses in particular- if you see any Identity Evropa propaganda, tear it down and replace it with Anti-Fascist stickers and posters. You can post action pictures to sites like

Print Out Informational Flyers

Print out this informational flyer about Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa and educate yourself and the community. Put them up around town and give them to friends. You can view the flyer for printing here.

Come to the Campus and Patrol

CSU Stanislaus is located in Turlock, CA on Monte Vista Ave (right off Highway 99 on the same exit) and University. Come out to the lovely campus and patrol! Look for Identity Evropa stickers and posters, soak up the free wifi, and enjoy a pizza slice in the cafeteria.

Nathan Damigo likes to park near Crowell Blvd and Ansel Adams Blvd. (free parking) and walk into the campus to the Social Studies Building where his classes take place. This is where the majority of IE posters and stickers were found and a good place to keep on eye on.

Remember: we aren’t here to demand censorship, nor do we rely on the power of the state to stop fascism. We know that the oppressive power structures we live under aren’t on our side, and we know that our own, liberation-minded movements frighten them just as much as any fascist movement that seeks to uphold the foundations of patriarchy, colonialism and white supremacy this system is built upon. In the case of CSU Stanislaus, campus police have long worked in tandem with the administration to keep tabs on student organizers who have taken action over the years against rising fees and tuition. We don’t count on them, we look towards each other.

This is why we are interested in building our capacities for self-defense. This means coming together as people in our communities to fight back against white supremacist and Neo-Nazi organizing. It means building up organizations that can counter, with action and ideas, these movements based around repression and reaction.

Smash Fascism and White Supremacy!
Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA)