Meet the Damigos: All American White Supremacy

damigo_flagNathan Damigo’s seemingly meteoric rise to media prominence with his white supremacist activism under the banner of Identity Evropa would not be possible without the emotional and material support of his family before and after his release from prison in 2014. Nathan currently lives with his family on a 5 acre compound in Oakdale, located in Stanislaus county, California. Residents include Nathan’s parents, Mike and Charilyn, as well as his grandparents Benjamin and Charlotte Haley. Nathan has lived at this compound since his release and during the entirety of his involvement in white supremacist activism. He leads the organization primarily out of the compound, and has registered the business entity of Identity Europa, Inc. at this address.

Yellow ribbons welcoming Nathan home after his release

Yellow ribbons welcoming Nathan to the Oakdale compound after his release

The Damigo family embodies the core values of the idyllic white American family: They are devout protestant Christians and many have proudly served in the military and law enforcement. While Nathan Damigo’s white supremacist activism is seen by many as the emergence of a new and aberrant phenomenon, Damigo’s ideology is very much within a continuation and evolution of his and his family’s relationship to the structural white supremacy that underpins every facet of American society. This relationship is one of at least several generations of his family earning a living in law enforcement and the military on the frontlines of dispensing the daily violence and murder necessary for maintaining and expanding the white supremacist capitalist system in the US and its global dominance.

Nathan in his USMC uniform

Nathan in his USMC uniform

While the Damigo family, especially his father, held high hopes for Nathan’s military career in the Marine Corps, his 2010 conviction and prison sentence for armed robbery shattered those dreams. Nathan served approximately a combined 5 years behind bars for armed robbery committed in 2007 against Changiz Ezzatyar, a taxi driver in the San Diego area. Nathan targeted him because he thought he “looked Iraqi” and placed a loaded pistol to his head.

During Nathan’s arrest, legal proceedings, and subsequent incarceration, his family, especially his mother Charilyn, devoted themselves to supporting and advocating for him. They began a very vocal and persistent campaign to excuse Nathan’s actions as the result of post-traumatic stress from combat in Iraq and to erase the victim of Nathan’s racist robbery and the harm inflicted against him. The recurring theme in all the family’s efforts is a sense of frustration at the denied entitlement to special treatment for Nathan and the idea that he should not have suffered the consequences for his action because of his service in the military. The family was able to attract the attention of many media outlets and sympathetic military and civilian officials, including the producers of the HBO film Wartorn. Nathan’s story was sympathetically featured in this film, and the Damigos were even invited to attend a screening of the film at the Pentagon.

Mike, Charilyn, and Josh Damigo attending a screening of Wartorn at the Pentagon

Mike, Charilyn, and Josh Damigo attending a screening of Wartorn at the Pentagon

Most of Nathan’s term was served in an Oklahoma prison where he was moved to due to overpopulation in the California prison system. There, he joined white supremacist prison gangs, and began reading authors like David Duke (a Neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, and former Grand Dragon within the KKK) whom he credits with this racial awakening. Now, prospective Identity Evropa members are encouraged to read the same books by Duke that Damigo did in prison, in the hopes that they too undergo a similar racist conversion. Despite joining up with white power prison groups, it appears that his sentence was mostly uneventful. He was even able to obtain an associate degree with the persistent support and interventions of his mother. Once released on parole, Nathan moved into the Oakdale compound.

Nathan being visited by the family

Nathan being visited by the family

Damigo’s father, Michael “Mike” Christopher Damigo (57) is a retired Santa Clara county sheriff’s deputy, former sergeant in the US Marine Corps, and graduate of the conservative Christian Bob Jones University. Mike is not Nathan’s biological father, and adopted him and his older brother, Joshua, when he married their mother and changed their last names from Lodge to Damigo. Nathan has four siblings: His older brother Josh, step-sisters Tiffany and Natalie, and younger brother Tice. The family mostly lived in San Jose, before moving to Oakdale.

Mike and Charilyn's wedding

Mike and Charilyn’s wedding

Based on his online writings, Mike took a lot of pride in Nathan’s enlistment and service in the Marines. He had been a prolific contributor to the newsletter of “Sgt. Grit,” a retailer of USMC branded merchandise where his writings mostly concerned Nathan and his deployment in Iraq. These writings which are full of nationalist, militaristic, and religious sentiments, and are very telling of his authoritarian and American exceptionalist mindset. In one of these dispatches, he advises those deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan to “do what you gotta do to come back home” and to “watch out for cameras and lawyers and GET SOME!” Mike’s writings noticeably ceased after the date of Nathan arrest, and the contrast makes his sense of disappointment in Nathan palpable.

An example of Mike's writing on the Sgt. Grit newsletter

An example of Mike’s writing in the Sgt. Grit newsletter

Mike also has over two decades of history with law enforcement and remains on the Santa Clara county payroll according to Transparent California, where prior to his retirement, his total pay and benefits regularly exceeded $150k annually. In 2010, he shot and killed an undocumented Mexican cannabis farmer in the eastern hills of Santa Clara county. Despite the farmer only being in possession of a pellet gun, the county district attorney cleared him and other officers involved of any wrongdoing. Mike retired in 2015 and receives a pension from the state.

Mike Damigo

Mike Damigo

Charilyn Damigo (53), Nathan’s mother, can be described as a helicopter parent with her very persistent and involved approach to supporting Nathan during and after his prison sentence. Chief among these efforts was maintaining a now deleted blog about Nathan’s time in prison where she solicited donations and other support. She directly helped Nathan with his course work (including the transcription of his homework over the phone and sending him an Xbox 360 video game console for watching course DVDs), and even helped him pick classes and determine prerequisites once he began enrolling at CSU Stanislaus. She also continued her advocacy for Nathan and was even able to get the dishonorable discharge status reversed for Nathan, so he could be eligible for VA benefits. She was also able to get the San Jose city hall to sponsor a screening of Wartorn with the then mayor Chuck Reed in attendance.

Charilyn and former San Jose mayor Chuck Reed

Charilyn and former San Jose mayor Chuck Reed

Earlier in Nathan’s life, he was enrolled in the private Liberty Baptist High School in San Jose. Charilyn worked there as a teacher and principal for a number of years. She has a long history of involvement with veterans support organizations. She is the Vice Chairman [sic] of FAVA: Family Alliance for Veterans of America and is the chapter President for Mid-Cal Blue Star Moms.

Nathan’s grandparents, Benjamin (78) and Charlotte Haley (76) are the owners of the compound the family lives on. Benjamin is also a former police sergeant who retired in 1993 and receives a pension of approximately $70k from the state. His son and Nathan’s uncle, Jerel Haley is the chief of police in Atascadero, CA (next to the affluent down to San Luis Obispo) whose total annual pay and benefits regularly exceed $200k. Benjamin has a limited liability corporation named Charben, registered to his address.

Ultimately, it’s clear that Nathan Damigo, as a felon would not be able to lead his organization were it not for the emotional and financial support provided by his family. While the media continues its seemingly compulsive need to give Nathan a platform and to create hype around his activism as something novel, as this writing has detailed, his white supremacist ideology is directly informed by that of his family, protestant religious values, social environment, and institutions he’s been involved with such as the military and law enforcement.

In a time of increasing emboldened activity from the grassroots white supremacist movement and its subset in the Alt-Right of which Nathan belongs, it’s important to broaden our understanding of white supremacy as a systemic and structural feature of the American political system that’s been inseparable from it since its inception. White supremacy is not just the vulgar and explicit calls for radical and genocidal racial stratification that the Alt-Right loosely advocates for, but a power and resource imbalance between those accepted into whiteness and those excluded from it that’s directly woven into the very fabric of how America functions.

The police and military are central to the preservation of white supremacy as they are tasked with violently imposing and protecting this social relationship. From its most significant origins as the the runaway slave patrols, the police has always primarily functioned to defend the property and interests of the wealthy and powerful through the application of violence, and this continues to be the central function of the institution to this day.

It is also ironic that much of Damigo’s life has been so severely impacted by institutions such as law enforcement, the prison industrial complex, and the military, that have also so deeply impacted communities of color. According to Damigo’s worldview now, non-whites genetically are inferior, are more prone to crime, are less intelligent, and Jews also conspire to destroy the “white race.” We wonder if Damigo felt this way about his fellow soldiers that were non-white, many whom joined up because unlike Damigo, they were not from upper-middle class families, but wanted money for college or to support their children. These people fought alongside him in Iraq and some surely died, as did the literally hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians which were killed as the war dragged on from it’s start in 2003, to say nothing of the literally millions that have died due to US sanctions and under Saddam while he was a US ally. What of the millions of people that were part of the massive and growing prison system that Nathan was a part of for several years? Was Nathan not supposed to be there, but they were? It’s clear that from viewing the support received by Nathan’s family, they would probably agree. Nathan was a “good” boy from a well off family that was negatively impacted by a war most now don’t support, and in turn, was arrested for a crime that Nathan now says African-Americans and others are genetically pre-determined to carry out.

Furthermore, the growing militant resistance to police violence, incarceration, and murder against black, brown, Native, other people of color, the poor, and mentally disabled, through movements such as Black Lives Matter and other struggles against forms of oppression such as capitalism, patriarchy, imperialism, environmental destruction, and the State have brought alarm to those like Nathan Damigo and his family. They view the privileges and special treatment once afforded to them as a benefit of their social position of whiteness and serving as its diligent armed protectors as eroding and under attack by this emerging militancy and the autonomous movements of oppressed people. In resisting white supremacy, we must go beyond just shutting down the Nathan Damigos of the world, but we must also confront the systemic and structural aspects of this social relationship in all facets of our lives.

Michigan Identity Evropa: Fraternity of Fascists


Andrew Ferguson and Kilian Glish, 1st and 3rd from left. Two members of the fascist and white supremacist group, Identity Evropa, and former members of the DKE frat in Michigan. Shawn Mccaffrey is pictured 2nd from the front right, and is another Michigan resident.


A building for DKE in Michigan. The fraternity included members who are part of Identity Evropa, some even serving in leadership positions.

This report focuses on Identity Evropa members and their alt-right network in Michigan, some of which are former members of the DKE fraternity. Delta Kappa Epsilon for centuries has been a prestigious frat for wealthy, bougie, and well connected spoiled brats, and boasts a total of 5 former members who have gone on to become POUS. For more information on Identity Evropa in general and their membership outside of Michigan, see our last report, Identity Evropa: Mapping the Alt-Right Cadre.

Andrew Ferguson (Royal Oak, Michigan)





Andrew Ferguson is an IE member based out of Michigan. Ferguson is a MSU grad and was Vice President of the DKE frat (Delta Kappa Epsilon), which Kilian Glish (another IE member, see below) was also a member of, and served as Treasurer. Ferguson and Glish attended NPI’s November 2016 conference together.  Both are featured in the IE group photo from the conference with Ferguson on the far left and Glish standing next to him (with beard).

Ferguson might live at 2226 Baxter Ave Royal Oak, MI 48067

fergusonglishAndrew and Kilian showing a lot of concern for the working class white people that are fetching their drinks

fergusonglishfratAndrew Ferguson (left) and Kilian Glish (right) at a DKE gathering. Can you smell the bourgie?

Kilian Glish (Troy, Michigan)


Kilian Glish graduated from Michigan State University in 2014. During Glish’s time at the university he majored in economics, played on the rugby team, and even became the treasurer of Delta Kappa Epsilon. During his final summer ahead of his senior year, Glish studied abroad in Germany where he got to practice his German and immerse himself in the culture. Looks like he was about 70 years too late.

Surprisingly, Glish has a profile posted at The Professional Diversity Network, a network aimed at “Connecting Diverse Professionals to Employers That Value Diversity.” 

According to Glish’s Linkedin profile, he currently works for Collaborative Advantage Marketing located at 2021 Hazel St Birmingham, MI 48009.  The phone number is (248) 723-0793 and you can find their website here:  More information on CAM can be found here: If Collaborative Advantage Marketing is one of those employers that values diversity, they might like to know that a white supremacist is working for them.

Glish might live at 183 Hampshire Dr Troy, MI 48085

dkemsuDelta Kappa Epsilon MSU photo with a familiar symbol; the same logo as Identity Evropa. Appears to be some sort of pen.


The official Identity Evropa symbol.

DKE frat that Ferguson and Glish were in:



Ferguson and Glish with “Lion’s Cup” from DKE facebook page, 2012.

Shawn Mccaffrey aka Shawn Michael (Commerce Township, Michigan) (older FB account) 
(set to private)


Do you think Shawn realizes how dumb he actually looks in this picture, or it’s just all of us? 


 Shawn just remembered that even if this whole Nazi thing doesn’t pan out, he’s still going to be a white rich kid with a lot of opportunities.

Shawn, 24, seems to be in the inner circle of the inner circle within Identity Evropa, and he has appeared at both the recent NPI Conference, the IE rally in San Francisco, and was seen in photos with William Clark, Damigo, and Chad Turner in joking discussing ‘retaking Constantinople.’

Voter records place someone with his name at: 8361 Dickert St Commerce Township, MI.

mccaffreyrockPhoto posted by Mccaffrey on Twitter following Trump’s election win in Georgia. Alt-Righters hit Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and Kennesaw State University, where the rock was painted. Participants also put up posters promoting TRS (The Right Stuff), a white nationalist, and Neo-Nazi podcast network. Unclear as to if Shawn was there, but again, shows connections with broader white nationalist, Neo-Nazi, and Alt-Right network.

Evan Thomas (Royal Oak, Michigan)


Nathan Damigo and Evan Thomas at Red Fox English Pub in Royal Oak, Michigan
July 22, 2016

la-lmascaro-1479594799-snap-photoThomas and Damigo at the National Policy Institute conference November 19, 2016

Evan Thomas centered his activity around organizing state-wide conferences from about 2006-2009, inviting speakers such as Jared Taylor to his events. His experience must have come in handy, as Nathan Damigo captioned the above photo of him and Thomas at the last NPI conference in November 2016 with “Identity Evropa volunteers coordinating the conference.” Thomas is active in the so-called identitarian movement and has done reporting on these movements in Europe.

Kyle Bristow (Commerce Township, Michigan)


Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas
P.O. Box 381164
Clinton Township, Michigan
(248) 838-9934

spencerandbristowRichard Spencer and Kyle Bristow

Also a graduate of MSU where he studied international relations, Kyle Bristow is now an attorney in Michigan and Ohio where he runs the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas. Under the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Bristow organizes alt-right conferences, defends alt-right activists, and seeks to reverse civil rights gains by revisiting Supreme Court judgements. Bristow defended Matthew Heimbach after he assaulted a black woman at a Trump rally in early 2016. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“[R]epresenting Heimbach will be Kyle Bristow, a soft-spoken but viciously opinionated racist activist, a recently minted lawyer who entered the movement while an undergraduate at Michigan State University. Like Heimbach, Bristow in the last couple of years has become one of the white supremacist movement’s most visible young activists — and he is doing his best to become even more so.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a detailed report on Bristow here:

Robert Frederick Besch (Dearborn, Michigan)


Mask features ‘black sun’ logo, often used by white supremacists.

Robert Frederick Besch is a neo-nazi living in Dearborn, Michigan. He attends the University of Michigan-Dearborn and studies biological sciences. Though Besch now regularly shares nazi images and praises Hitler on his various social media, his older Twitter account followed accounts like Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert, and Nick Cannon.  

He may live at 1805 N Highland St Dearborn, MI 48128
Beach’s email address is

Besch’s various social media accounts:

Iron Mitten – The Michigan ‘The Right Stuff’ (TRS) Crew


Iron Mitten is the name of a group that some of these alt-right fascists are participating in to spread their message on local university campuses.


Michigan appears to be a major site of activity for Identity Evropa and the greater alt-right, with propaganda appearing around both the Michigan State University and the University of Michigan campuses. They appear to be well networked into institutions that only the wealthy and powerful have access to, however these are organizations who’s image can be shattered with this information.

Flyers such as this one can be distributed at places like MSU and UM to spread the word about Identity Evropa and what they’re about.

Identity Evropa: Mapping the Alt-Right Cadre


The combined money from all IE members trust funds could bail out half of students with loan debt. Identity Evropa (IE) members at the National Policy Institute gathering in Washington DC.

Several weeks ago, the National Policy Institute (NPI) held its annual conference in Washington DC, which ended with NPI head Richard Spencer declaring, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!” as people in the audience threw up their arms in fascist salutes. While images of white supremacists Sieg-Heiling went viral online, it did nothing to stem the tide of media spotlight that the mainstream bestowed upon Spencer. After the conference, white supremacists on the podcast, “Intersectional Alt-Right” with Andrew Anglin (of The Daily Stormer) and Jazzhands McFeels discussed the event and talked about how a gap was widening between the “older vanguard” (like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Peter Brimelow of V-DARE) and the “new generation,” (headed by Richard Spencer and many others who grew out of the Alt-Right subculture of Neo-Nazi podcasts and memes). But another key player was emerging: Identity Evropa.

This is a group that stands poised to take the biggest advantage of the growing Alt-Right subculture and ‘buzz,’ and is currently headed by CSU Stanislaus student and Oakdale, CA, resident, Nathan Damigo. Identity Evropa presents itself through social media as a large organization with an established network on campuses across the US. At this point, we think it’s important to take the potential size of IE as reality and organize accordingly, however we find that a select tight cadre seems to be doing much of ‘the work.’

The organization itself is the result of a rebranding of The National Youth Front, also headed by Nathan Damigo. The National Youth Front served as the youth wing of the Neo-Nazi American Freedom Party, which is headed by long-time white supremacist William Johnson, wealthy corporate lawyer. This previous and more open Neo-Nazi formation has benefited IE; For example, IE’s Facebook page is simply the old account for The National Youth Front with a new name. Much of IE’s recent efforts have gone into massive road trips, in which cadre members have traveled around their respective regions putting up posters and stickers, and in some cases attempting to engage with students. By and large these efforts have been thwarted; from their failed attempt at holding a rally in SF to hundreds of posters and stickers being destroyed. IE also spends a lot of energy on inreach into campus groups such as the college Republican clubs and other white nationalist organizations, using Trump’s campaign as a foot in the door much like ‘Alt-Lite’ speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos have done. We expect that this cross pollination will continue into 2017; especially as the Alt-Right continues to fracture and splinter over part of the movement’s open embrace of Nazism.

According to an interview with Nathan Damigo on Counter-Currents, there also appear to be some IE members who are involved but wish to stay off the radar about their activity, as evidenced by the amount of anonymous Alt-Right twitter and facebook accounts; distinguishable only through their variations of the “Pepe the Frog” meme. According to Damigo, IE does have a wide network of IE members across various campuses in the US and it is growing, especially as IE makes more inroads into College Republican clubs. We think anti-fascists should take Damigo at his word and act accordingly, while also focusing directly on the leadership cadre of IE and exposing their Alt-Right base of support when able.

It must also be noted that Identity Evropa caters towards a very middle-class, (as in Abercrombie store manager, not truck driver) if not upper middle-class audience. The group has strict membership rules, such as no visible hand and neck tattoos. This is important because the ‘niche market’ they are attempting to reach is exclusively young, “professional” men of college age (and who are enrolled in higher education) that are unhappy with 8 years of Obama and excited about the Trump campaign.

Identity Evropa is also one of the only Alt-Right groups to attempt to hit the streets and create an actual organization that recruits members and builds a base of support. These tactics are more commonly seen in traditional Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups such as Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Workers Party and the like. By contrast, groups with Alt-Right branding tend to organize online. Like Heimbach, Damigo claims that these organizations are growing in numbers (which we don’t doubt). At the same time, they haven’t yet been able to muster much of a force on the streets, although this is the direction they know that they are headed in, along with influencing the Trump administration.

As our report will show, their leadership cadre is small and also very exposed, although we hope that this report will help us gather even more information on others within leadership – full names, schools, jobs, etc. In sharing this information, we hope that the wider anarchist and anti-fascist networks we are part of can begin organizing resistance to this new breed of fascist that comes in khaki and polo.


Nathan Damigo drove about 8 hours to drawn on a chalkboard on a San Diego campus with two other IE members. Also, someone really has horrible hand writing with that yellow.

Identity Evropa social media accounts to monitor:

IEcadreIdentity Evropa held a rally for 15 minutes before running to their cars while white pedicab drivers flipped them off. From left to right: Unknown, Shawn MichaelMark BidwellReinhard WolffTeam Stihl, Unknown, William ClarkChad Turner, Johnny Ramondetta/Monoxide, Nathan Damigo. Damigo later claimed four of the people pictured here were from “the area” while the rest were from out of town. He also stated that several IE members were off to the side talking with people walking by. 

Nathan Damigo Oakdale, CA


Make Nazis Short Again! And careful with that tattoo Damigo, you’re about to violate your own dumb ass rules bruh breh. PS – 2007 in affluent neighborhoods called, it wants it’s Hollister back.

Much has already been written about Nathan Damigo, and we have a lot more to say about him in the coming weeks. As for now, check out more about the leader of Identity Evropa here: Nathan Damigo Exposed: Identity Evropa Leader Operating Out Of CSU Stanislaus and here.


John Ramondetta/Johnny Monoxide Berkeley, CA


Johnny Ramondetta of Berkeley. Hates people of color, loves their art. WE CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP FOLKS.

John Ramondetta, aka Johnny Monoxide, 44, lives in Berkeley, CA and has live-streamed both of IE’s get togethers in the Bay Area for Red Ice. Fun facts: In 2013, Ramondetta got his second DUI arrest after driving drunk in Sebastopol. He currently works in IBEW Local 6 in San Francisco, and at the time of this writing we know that much, if not all of the people that Ramondetta works with are very well aware of his political views and are not impressed or pleased with them in the slightest. He has also complained about his fellow supremacists making fun of his name and not taking him seriously. We suspect that Ramondetta will continue to be the chosen livestreamer for all Alt-Right events in Northern California and will most likely only deepen his relationship with Red Ice, IE, and other such groups.


Shawn Michael/Shawn Mccaffrey Commerce Township, Michigan


Do you think Shawn realizes how dumb he actually looks in this picture, or it’s just all of us? 


 Shawn just remembered that even if this whole Nazi thing doesn’t pan out, he’s still going to be a white rich kid with a lot of opportunities. (older FB account) 
(set to private)

Shawn, 24, seems to be in the inner circle of the inner circle within Identity Evropa, and he has appeared at both the recent NPI Conference, the IE rally in San Francisco, and was seen in photos with William Clark, Damigo, and Chad Turner in joking discussing ‘retaking Constantinople.’

We suspect Shawn may be the one putting up IE posters at University of Michigan and voter records place someone with his name at: 8361 Dickert St Commerce Township, MI.

Mark Bidwell San Francisco Bay Area

The “big brother” on the IE block, Mark Bidwell seems to be connected to wider Alt-Right circles, and we believe that he is involved in writing for the Radix Journal (which he was linking from his twitter account) as well as working potentially with Counter-Currents Books (which has a PO Box in San Francisco). Bidwell also attended a Trump rally along with Nathan Damigo and participated in putting up Identity Evropa posters around the downtown. According to his twitter account he is married with children, is a teacher, and is currently moving. We suspect that Mark is also putting up (or helping to put up) IE posters in San Francisco, which have popped up in several different neighborhoods. His twitter handle may refer to the Sunset neighborhood in SF.



“Every rose has a Evropa!….Just like every Aryan, sings a sad, sad song…”

William Clark Philadelphia, PA

William Clark appears to be another key component in Identity Evropa, as he often appears in pictures with Nathan Damigo and other cadre. He was at the San Francisco rally and came all the way from Philadelphia. He has been very out in the open about his involvement in Identity Evropa and also was in attendance at the National Policy Institute (NPI) Conference. His twitter account, sigruna14, has multiple references to Nazi and white supremacist ideology. The sig rune is the lightning bolt “S” symbol used in Nazi symbols such as the “SS” logo. There is also a reference to the “14 words,” a mantra created by white supremacist terrorist David Lane of the Order. Despite Damigo’s best efforts to hide and deny IE’s Neo-Nazi roots, these references as well as the appearance of IE’s leadership at an NPI conference that ended with nazi salutes, tells a different story.




“The power of Hitler compels you!”

Chad Turner Southern California

Turner has been involved in IE from the start and hardly ever leaves Nathan Damigo’s side when the two of them are in public, acting as a bodyguard for his much smaller leader. He was at the Berkeley rally in May of 2016, wearing a white Trump hat and arrived with Spencer, Damigo, and John Hess on the campus before it began. Turner can be seen in this video putting up IE posters in Downtown Berkeley with John Hess of Phoenix, AZ. Turner was also at the rally in San Francisco, along with the NPI Conference in Washington DC. Turner and Reinhard Wolff have made several appearances at SDSU attempting to recruit more support. We suspect that Turner along with Wolff are residents in the Southern California area and either attend, or live close to SDSU, as several times now they have canvassed and talked with students there on the campus. 


Turner on the SDSU campus talking with students. 


Welp, there goes 40 bux. Turner putting up posters in Downtown Berkeley with John Hess which were quickly destroyed.

Reinhard Wolff San Diego/El Cajon Area

30708288760_010dcfa9db_zWolff at San Diego State University. It’s dark. Turner is nowhere to be seen. No parents. Wolff so scared.

wolffalabamaWolff and another member (identity not known) looking for a spot to place IE posters at the University of Alabama, Birmingham


Reinhard grimmises to do any work without the support of his maid. “Must…use…Aryan…strength…to…push…through…this…thumbtack!”

Reinhard Wolff says he started thinking about race in 7th grade when he moved from all-white private schooling to a public school (oh the horror) where he experienced a shock as he started having to go to school with black students and kids that didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth. At 18-19, he developed an interest in conspiracy theories, and after moving through an “Alex Jones phase,” is now making videos about conspiracies for Red Ice, which itself moved from using videos and podcasts to talk about conspiracies to full on Neo-Nazism.

Wolff credits former KKK and Neo-Nazi leader David Duke and Wolff’s 4chan activity during George Zimmerman’s trial for killing Trayvon Martin as additional influences on his political views. Wolff is deeply connected to the white nationalist and Alt-Right scene, and during the last NPI Conference he not only repped Identity Evropa but also livestreamed for Red Ice Radio. According to the Daily Aztec: 

Reinhard Wolff is a member of Identity Evropa and an SDSU alum. Given the controversial nature of his work with the organization, he confirmed “Reinhard Wolff” is a pseudonym, but he was able to provide verification of his previous enrollment at SDSU. He graduated in May 2016 with a degree in social sciences. He has been placing posters on SDSU’s campus and engaging with students. Specifically, he’s been engaging with white men.


Wolff, still terrified of students at public schools attempts to bargain for his life before this lowly toiler steals his wallet at SDSU.

Twitter: (account suspended)
Twitter: (new account)


Wolffe on left, Turner on Right on a San Diego, CA campus during “Project Siege.”

Who We’re Still Looking For:

These are members of Identity Evropa we are still looking to find more information on. If you can help us or know who these people are, please get in touch!

“Team Stihl” Unknown

uid2-3 copy ud2The man wearing the “Team Stihl” hat was at both the UC Berkeley rally in May of 2016 and the SF rally in late 2016. At both times, he was seen wearing a hat for Stihl, a corporation that sells items such as chain saws and can be found in home improvement stores.

We suspect that this may be his Facebook:

“Balding Evropa” Unknown:ud3

“Polo Shirts Uber Alles” Unknown

This person was later photographed leaving a bar, Broken Record, with Nathan Damigo and a few other individuals. Identity Evropa stickers were found in the area at the same time, and numerous posters have popped up in the same general area. We suspect that he is a San Francisco resident and possibly involved in Counter-Currents publishing. We also guess that he is continuing to put up posters in the San Francisco area and lives there.

We suspect this might be his twitter account:


Too bad there’s not a gym to fix your face!

Other IE Members:

Federico Andres Dotti Irvine, CA


Tfw your mom cuts your allowance.

Federico Andres Dotti is a senior at the University of California Irvine majoring in math. He joined Identity Evropa some time in late June, expressing an interest in spreading IE’s propaganda in his local area. Though Dotti has chosen not to make public appearances as a member of Identity Evropa at any IE events or conferences associated with the alt-right, several of his social media accounts reveal that he has been networking and building a rapport with fellow fascists both inside and outside of IE. Dotti grew up in Argentina where he has spent most of his life, but takes pride in his Italian/European heritage, which he considers a more definitive characteristic of his identity. Dotti is most likely responsible for the Identity Evropa posters that have been appearing at UC Irvine.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he works for Riot Games and currently attends UC Irvine School of Business.


Gabriel and Katy Kansas

ks s

Gabriel Wilson was the first IE member to seriously embarrass the organization on a wide scale.

Gabriel Wilson and his girlfriend Katy Galloway (perhaps the only woman to ever be allowed near Identity Evropa) made a name for themselves as they drove around the Mid-West, putting up Identity Evropa posters and stickers. Soon after, Wilson busied himself with leaving racist chalk messages outside of a local university, which he admitted to doing like a total dumbass to a reporter. Then soon after that, racist and threatening phone calls were made to the Dean of the same school, who has African-American children. Wilson is strongly suspected to have made the calls, although refused to answer questions when asked by news reporters. Wilson was also disowned by the local Libertarian Party, after he attempted to get involved in building up their local chapter and they found out he’s a total Nazi. At the time of this writing, it is unknown if Gabriel and Katy are still involved in Identity Evropa, or if Damigo is holding them at a long leash for making the group look like a bunch of drunken KKK members. Currently, it seems their social media accounts have been turned off.

Katy’s Email:

More info at:

Nor Cal IE Member:

IE member in Santa Cruz/Northern California (possibly putting up IE stuff in San Jose/SJSU and UC Santa Cruz).


Evan Thomas Royal Oak, Michigan

Nathan Damigo and Evan Thomas at Red Fox English Pub in Royal Oak, Michigan
July 22, 2016

la-lmascaro-1479594799-snap-photoThomas and Damigo at the National Policy Institute conference November 19, 2016


Evan Thomas centered his activity around organizing state-wide conferences from about 2006-2009, inviting speakers such as Jared Taylor to his events. His experience must have come in handy, as Nathan Damigo captioned the above photo of him and Thomas at the last NPI conference in November 2016 with “Identity Evropa volunteers coordinating the conference.” Thomas is active in the so-called identitarian movement and has done reporting on these movements in Europe.

Collin Wright Denton, Texas


Collin Wright is one of the younger members of Identity Evropa. He attended John H. Guyer High School in Denton, Texas and graduated in 2014. Wright attended the last NPI conference and can be seen in the IE group photo on the right.


13909367_1741316606134552_9203667653976086045_oCollin Wright (left) and family

Jared Huggins Atlanta

Jared is a member of IE who attended the NPI conference. He is friends with Patrick Sharp (unclear if that is Sharp in below picture) who has also been involved in a variety of white supremacist groups including white student unions and the Traditionalist Youth Network.


That face you make when your mom lets you outside to be really quietly racist while surrounded by black people.


Rashy haircut.

John Hess Arizona


“Nathan, you don’t write, you don’t call…*sob*.”

“John Hess” is the dumb-ass name of a Phoenix, Arizona based man who made the jump from the National Youth Network to Identity Evropa with Nathan Damigo. Hess was one of the few, the chosen, that came with Damigo to UC Berkeley for a rally in May of 2016. More info on Hess here and here. Hess is also an out and out Neo-Nazi, known to post pictures of Hitler on his facebook and work with other Nazi groups such as the National Socialist Movement who are also active in Arizona. We haven’t seen Hess pop up in a while outside of Phoenix, so maybe he’s out of favor with the leadership of IE.


Identity Evropa Ohio

IE Ohio Twitter:

Leader IE Ohio Organizer:

This profile has many IE friends, likely is in IE:


Jake Cox: Big on IE:

Nathan Damigo has mentioned networking with others in the movement through The Hestia Society, which has chapters in San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver.  This is their website: American Vanguard, which was also at NPI, has a very similar style and presentation as IE and the groups regularly meet. Other groups and projects close to IE include Counter-Currents Publishing and of course, Richard Spencer at the National Policy Institute.

Identity Evropa wrote on their recent trip to the NPI Conference, which included they said, 26 members:

[That] we are the intellectual vanguard of the American right cannot be doubted. Now is the time to press harder than we have before to make ourselves and our ideas more prominent on the national stage. Our movement is no longer a head without a body. We have the momentum to propel ourselves into the future, and Identity Evropa will be on the front lines of this fight helping to lead our people to a better and brighter future. 

Let’s be sure to sweep IE and their shitty ass posters and stickers off the street, and build up our own movement in its place.

To share your information about Identity Evropa, contact us here: nocara [at] riseup [dot] net

No Fascists on Campus: Shut Down Milo at UC Berkeley

The Berkeley College Republicans have invited far-right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at UC Berkeley on February 1st.

Given the recent increase in fascist activity both on and around the UC Berkeley campus, we feel that the university’s willingness to provide a platform to Milo Yiannopoulos and his views is unacceptable, and we intend to shut this event down. We are inviting all allies and the Berkeley community to join us in making UC Berkeley a fascist-free zone.

Yiannopoulos is one of the many online trolls who successfully capitalized on the Trump campaign to bring fascist and racist ideas into the mainstream. While his presence on the web can be traced back to the GamerGate controversy, Yiannopoulos rose to cult fame through his work at Breitbart News Network, where he used his identity as a gay man to express overtly islamophobic views under the facade of queer interests. Similar to Trump, the core of Yiannopoulos’ support has come from places like 4Chan, Reddit, and other online bastions of the “Alt-Right”. However, since being banned from Twitter for his anti-black harassment of actor Leslie Jones, Milo has been searching for a new platform off the web for his hateful ideology. In fact, on his current book tour Yiannopoulos has used the frame of “anti-political correctness” to push dangerous narratives about a wide array of marginalized groups. Some examples of his hatred on tour so far includes such spectacles as dressing in drag to mock a sexual assault survivor; calling to keep trans folks out of the LGBT movement and encouraging their harassment; and calling BlackLivesMatter a terrorist group. Additionally, Yiannopoulos is connected to Roosh V, a well-known “men’s rights activist” that has advocated for legalizing rape, and Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute (NPI), intellectual head of the “Alt-Right” that seeks to make America an exclusively white ethno-state, who came to the UC Berkeley campus in May 2016 with UCPD protection to recruit Berkeley students to his white supremacist cause.

In this context, Yiannopoulos’s college speaking tour should be recognized as an effort to embolden “Alt-Right” internet trolls into real world political organizing on college campuses. In light of the success of the Trump campaign, the “Alt-Right” is looking for opportunities to turn their momentum into an organized political front. This event is particularly important as an opportunity for Yiannopoulos to connect with a large audience, and for a large number of far right supporters to connect with him and others at the event. This is an opportunity that we cannot give them.

As the last year has demonstrated, this kind of free speech and discussion has meant near impunity for racists and sexists to target marginalized students on campus with little recourse for those who are harassed. We believe that an educational community should not accommodate fascist ideologies. We believe it is the responsibility of communities both on and off campus to shut down this kind of organizing in order to ensure that there is no platform for fascists in Berkeley!

This is a call to action to stand against fascism and the militarization of campuses. This is a call to stand in solidarity with those communities who are most at risk from this kind of neo-fascist “free speech,” especially in the wake of Trump’s election win. We encourage those interested in taking a stand now to use the letter template below to demand that UC Berkeley not host Yiannopoulos.

Feel free to draft your own message or use the letter script provided below however you choose to contact the University. For those interested in delivering their message over the phone or via mail we have provided that info below:

I am writing to express my anger and frustration at UC Berkeley’s decision to host notorious racist, sexist, and transphobic speaker Milo Yiannopoulos on February 1, 2017. I am also notifying you of a growing inter-community coalition to keep Milo off campus and of my support for them. In light of the increasing hostility towards marginalized groups on campus, including the hate crime committed on campus on election night and the increasing racist harassment around campus that has followed, it is disgraceful that UC Berkeley would welcome Mr. Yiannopoulos and his hateful, bigoted rhetoric on campus. Mr. Yiannopoulos was slated to speak at Portland State University and NYU, however both campuses cancelled the events stating that his viewpoints compromised student safety. He has also been permanently banned from DePaul University as the school claimed he created a “hostile environment.” 

The permission of this speaking event is yet another example of the continued inaction by the university to protect the interests of many of its students. At this point it is well within the university’s ability to stop this event from happening. I urge the university to issue an apology to the community at large for permitting such a dangerous figure to come to campus and threaten the safety of its students. If the university chooses not to take action, students and community members will take the initiative to keep their campus safe.


UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ office

Phone: 510-642-7464

Dan Mogulof, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Public Affairs

Phone: 510-642-3715
Mobile: 510-919-6954

Michael Emerson Dirda, Communications Manager, Public Affairs


Facebook event link: