PictureIt has now been three months since the events that unfolded on June 26th. Given the gravity of the situation, we must assume that the investigation is fully underway and prepare for repression accordingly. It is abundantly clear that during this aftermath period, we can expect to see law enforcement take its usual route of targeting and isolating individuals in an attempt to gain information to be used both to prosecute and for ongoing surveillance purposes

CAIR’s notorious anti-FBI poster. We love it.

Keep yourself and your friends safe – don’t talk!

California Highway Patrol (CHP) has jurisdiction over capitol grounds, so by extension they are heading the investigation of the events that occurred on June 26th. It was CHP detectives who pursued each and every patient at the hospital who was attacked by Neo-Nazis, trying to squeeze out any information they could from incapacitated and often drugged victims. Now, it will be the CHP that approaches local activists in their homes, at work, through the phone, or on the street in an effort to find leads and instill fear and distrust.  Luckily, the injured had great hospital support that counseled them on the importance of silence and equipped them with the contact information of several trusted attorneys. We want to take this opportunity to provide the same level of support to everyone else in the community who may be unsure about how to best handle a police encounter. Now that the next phase of information gathering is clearly underway, spreading this information around is all the more crucial.

If approached by the police, the CHP, or the FBI, ignoring their questions, firmly directing them to your attorney, and ending the encounter as quickly as possible is the best and safest way to proceed. All you really need to say in this situation is “I have nothing to say to you, and any questions you have can be directed to my lawyer”. Give them the name and number of a trusted lawyer, and end the encounter. Anything else you say can (and will!) be used against you and others. Answering even seemingly harmless questions can give officials enough information to prosecute or hold you or others. It is legal for them to lie to you, but illegal for you to lie to them. They will use this to their full advantage- enforcers of the law can and will lie to you as a tactic to instill fear and distrust, and will conversely try to catch you in a lie so that they can detain you for further questioning. They may promise you that your situation will be easier if you cooperate and tell them what they want to know, but they are in no way obligated to follow through on those promises. We are of the opinion that anyone who the CHP may think was involved in the 26th (regardless of if they actually were or not) is fair game to be contacted by them. Rest assured that should this happen to you, you are not alone and there is legal support waiting for you if you do end up facing state repression of any kind.

If it gets to the point that you are a suspect and a search warrant has been issued for your car and/or residence, you have the right to inspect the search warrant. Look for and make note of the date, time, location and a list of allowable things to seize. If you ever see that they are taking anything that does not appear on that list, it is actually best to let them take it because it will be thrown out as evidence later on. If you do bring to their attention that what they are taking is not on the list, they can call it in and get it approved, allowing them to keep the evidence. Finally, if you end up being detained or arrested, that’s your opportunity to again firmly say out loud that you will not answer any of their questions, and that all of their questions can be directed to your appointed legal representative. We would also like to remind everyone that, during an open investigation, pictures and videos are invaluable to law enforcement in their quest to prosecute. Do not share any videos or photos from the June 26th Anti-Nazi Demo that include individuals faces in them- to do so is to endanger the individuals and quite possibly yourself. In this specific circumstance, sharing identifying pictures and videos poses a double threat. Exposed individuals may experience surveillance, intimidation, and violence by Neo-Nazis in addition to state repression.

This is a great time to educate ourselves (or re-familiarize ourselves!) with all the above information, as well as to do some outside research to better prepare ourselves for a possible encounter with law enforcement. As a part of a radical community, it is important to share this type of information widely so as many individuals as possible have access to it. State repression can be handled much more easily and result in fewer repercussions if we educate ourselves and support one another when faced with it.

The Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) has been a vital resource for radicals here in the US for ten years now. They provide great legal support and educational tools for dealing with repression by both local law enforcement and federal agents. On their site you can find plenty of useful videos and flyers (such as this Know Your Rights slideshow and the printable flyer below) regarding your rights as an activist and so much more.


An informative printable from the CLDC.


Another great printable resource, this time from Crimethinc.

Getting Involved in the Fight Against Racism and Fascism

Print off these (8.5×11 & 11×15) posters and post them up wherever you see white nationalists encroaching. Put them up anywhere else you see fit to demonstrate that there is a growing movement opposing the fascist threat. While we think it is crucial for you to take part and please distribute these posters with us, we also encourage you to take precaution, go postering with a buddy, and look out for one another. Making a plan and committing to safe practices are important while we move forward and work to end fascism.

Staying safe goes beyond what you do when you’re outside. We cannot stress enough the importance of online security. Treat the internet as if it were a security camera live-streaming to the feds. Do not take any incriminating photos of yourself or anyone else nor share them on social media. Do not ever publish any kind of incriminating information, including writing about illegal actions you may have done, plan to do, saw anyone else do, or heard someone else might do. Do not share sensitive information, via internet or otherwise, with anyone who does not need to know. By involving extra people, you are creating risks for yourself, your crew, and those you are implicating. As you probably already know, the internet is not a private sphere — do your best to conceal your identity.

For a list of software resources to help you counteract online surveillance visit:

For more information on security culture:

There are far too many antifascist prisoners around the world. And it’s important we show solidarity to everyone fighting against fascism, which looks like extending our full support to those facing repression. This can mean writing a letter or donating to a bail or commissary fund. As we all know, this is a global struggle so it’s important to express international solidarity and not only send a letter to an antifa prisoner in North America, but also to antifa prisoners around the world. Thanks to NYC Antifa we have a comprehensive global antifa prisoner list to offer. You can read through and decide who you might like to write to and who’s story you might like to share to spread the word about their situation.

Here it is: 

Some things to keep in mind when writing to a prisoner:

There is a variety of roles people play in the struggle against fascism. As white supremacist violence is continuously perpetuated by the state with its prisons and endless police murders as well as by fascist far-right and alt-right groups, we must emphasize the need for community self-defense. This takes place on many different platforms, including legal and medical. We must learn to protect one another from potential threats and what to do when harm is dealt. Street medics have saved many lives at anti-fascist/anti-racist demos and counter-protests — they are the first to respond and they will have your back in ways EMS often will not. If you are interested in learning first aid, look into a medic-training. If you already have experience, organize a medic-training in your town and share your skills to help keep your community safe.

Another way to plug in: if you ever see an Identity Evropa poster up in your town, please do not hesitate to take it down. Their fascist propaganda will not have the effect that IE wants it to have if there is enough of us taking them down just as fast as they get put up. Here is what one looks like:

It’s important to learn about the fascist groups that we oppose so we can better understand them and figure out the best ways to stop them. It’s also important to learn about tactics and strategies of other antifascist groups around North America and all around the world. It is crucial to also learn about antifascist movements throughout history so that now, as we move forward, we can utilize what has worked in the past.

Here are links to a book and two different articles, all of which are great reading material to begin with:                                      

With Solidarity From Northern California to Helsinki, Finland


On Saturday, September 10th, a confrontation between a well-known Scandinavian Neo-Nazi group and an outspoken anti-racist individual ultimately ended in tragedy. The extremist Finnish Resistance Movement (FRM) held a rally that day at Eliel Square in Helsinki, Finland. In response, 28-year-old Jimi Joonas Kartunnen, a proud anti-racist, walked right up and told the FRM exactly what he thought of their fascist politics. Jimi Joonas was then violently attacked and knocked unconscious by FRM members, and was later rushed to Toolo hospital. On the night of September 16th, Jimi died in the hospital due to the serious injuries that he sustained from the attack. Friends described him as a firm human rights advocate and anti-racist who was not afraid of speaking his mind.

All of us from Northern California Anti-Racist Action mourn the passing of Jimi Joonas Kartunnen. We stand in solidarity with his family, friends, and comrades. From Northern California to Helsinki, we all understand that threat of fascism is much too real to ignore and must be confronted. We have great respect for Jimi Joonas’s drive to confront and speak out against fascism even with all odds against him, and we mourn the loss of a passionate and dedicated member of our collective community.

Earlier this summer in Northern California, many individuals came together and succeeded in stopping a fascist rally. On June 26th at the California state capitol in Sacramento, CA, hundreds of anti-racists and anti-fascists from all over the western United States occupied the capitol grounds and rebuffed violent White Supremacists. We know all too well that taking a strong stance against fascist activity can be a dangerous business- we saw nine comrades brutally stabbed and hospitalized that day.

We think about the relief we felt at the sight of each comrade who was released from the hospital between June 26th and July 3rd, and the worry we felt each passing moment for the two individuals who were the worst off from the attacks. We were so grateful that everyone made a full recovery. We know that not all are so lucky. Well, that’s when we think about Toolo hospital and what it must’ve been like to receive the news that Jimi Joonas had passed away.

That’s why we must fight back now and for as long as there is a fascist threat. To do anything less would dishonor Jimi Joonas Kartunnen and the legacy and memory of him and so many others who have laid down their lives in the struggle against fascism. NOCARA will continue to fight. The anti-fascist torch has passed from Jimi’s hands. It is on the rest of us to pick it up and let its ember spark our resistance.

From Northern California to Helsinki, Finland. Comrade to comrade. We are in this together.

In solidarity,